Read stories from across our 11 industries to discover unique challenges and innovative, disruptive solutions specific to those businesses.

Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace & Defense OEMs, suppliers and disruptive new players must accelerate innovation, drive efficiencies and improve sustainability as they design the future of flight, from roadable aircraft to outer space.

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Architecture, Engineering & Construction

Maximize construction sustainability and project profitability through collaboration and productization

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Business Services

In every industry, at every step of the value chain, organizations must develop new methods to optimize approaches to improve customer experience while simultaneously meeting evolving regulations.

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Companies in the fast-paced, competitive and complex High-Tech sector must rethink traditional business processes and embrace new methods for innovating and operating in order to create more valuable consumer experiences.

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Home & Lifestyle

Because today’s consumers have nearly limitless choices, Home & Lifestyles companies must adopt a consumer-centric innovation process to enable sustainable business growth through more authentic, personalized products and experiences.

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Industrial Equipment

Automation, IoT, artificial intelligence, big data analysis, networked communications, machine learning and cloud computing are revolutionizing how Industrial Equipment solutions are developed to deliver innovative and efficient machinery, equipment and components.

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Infrastructure, Energy & Materials

Under pressure to find sustainable alternative energy solutions, Energy & Materials companies must also address issues triggered by aging infrastructure by diversifying, innovating faster, improving organizational efficiencies and increasing responsiveness by aligning product supply with changing priorities and demands.

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Life Sciences & Healthcare

To meet the demand for more personalized medicine and patient-centered care, Life Sciences companies must make core shifts in business processes, strategic planning, regulatory frameworks and technology.

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