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Meet entrepreneur, OtO CEO Ali Sabti, developer of award winning smart robots for lawn care

Learn why OtO uses a platform-based simulation and collaborative design solution
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OtO CEO and founder, Ali Sabti shares why 3DEXPERIENCE Works contributed to his success
Dassault Systèmes Jennifer Black hosts Ali Sabti, CEO and Founder, OtO at the annual 2024 3DEXPERIENCE World event.

Ever wonder how a consumer goods company gets its start? Jennifer Black, Home and Lifestyle Industry Solution Director, had a chance talk with the founder and CEO of OtO, at this year’s 3DEXPERIENCE WORLD. During a Question and Answer session with Jennifer, Ali Sabti, a serial entrepreneur, shared the story behind his company and its award winning smart lawn device (developed using 3DEXPERIENCE® Works) that waters with precision. Their goal: design a product to take the pain out of lawn care for its customers and the planet.


“We had the chance to chat with Ali as he shared his startup’s story at 3DEXPERIENCE World. Not only did he share how OtO launched their lawn care product to market in record time, the audience asked Ali questions about entrepreneurship and lawn care tips! After meeting him and hearing his story, I am not surprised his company got so much attention so quickly.” (OtO won awards from the Consumer Electronic Show and Forbes magazine) “Ali held the room’s attention sharing the challenges his engineers solved using 3DEXPERIENCE Works,” Jennifer Black recalled.

“Continually jump off cliffs and adjust on the way down. Develop your wings as you fall.”

Ali Sabti, Founder and CEO, OtO

Start Up Help

With an entrepreneurial mindset Sabti and team had both technology and process puzzles to solve. Their value added reseller partner, Hawk Ridge Systems, enlisted the company to join the SOLIDWORKS Entrepreneur Program to support them. Joining the program gave OtO a powerful combination –a can do approach and right solutions to deliver their new smart lawn product.

Simplifying Complexity in Development

When choosing a smart product consumers look to simplify and automate everyday tasks and save time. Most people don’t realize the complexity behind the products they buy. The OtO product uses advanced electro mechanical parts with integrated electronics and software. For multiple technologies to work smoothly engineers solve many problems in development.

Oto’s electro-mechanical product requirements were just the starting point. Any smart outdoor solution –whether for security, lighting or lawn care – has unique requirements. Products that operate outdoors must withstand the elements year after year. The OtO programmable, autonomous lawn care product had additional performance requirements such as reducing water waste an eliminating chemicals. OtO saves homeowners about 50% of water usage because the device delivers water with precision and intelligence. The OtO lawncare products also provide options for natural solutions for fertilizer and week control.

More About OtO’s Innovation

Interested in finding out more? Check out the video interview and case study Mr. Sabti recorded right after his talk. He shares the learning process, trial and correction approach, and applications used. Case study highlights including how OtO applied 3DEXPERIENCE Works for:

  • virtual simulations including motion studies to ensure gears mesh as designed;
  • rapid prototyping for physical testing;
  • model-based engineering to align multiple disciplines; and much more!

OtO Case Study

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