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COE 2023 | Registration is open

Registration for COExperience 2023 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Miami from April 16-19, 2023 is now open! Sign up today to join COE, the independent user community of Dassault Systèmes users and their portfolio of products in Miami. The place to be for CATIA Users!

Scan modeling/ Reverse engineering approach by CATIA Expert Andras | CATIA User Community

Let me show you my scan modeling/ reverse engineering approach on the 3DExperience Platform. The 3DXP is a multitool-friendly environment where you can use Imagine and Shape (IMA) and combine it with classical Class-A tools. – Sketch your subdivision layout on scan data  – Use Section- and Highlight Analysis to level up your surface quality. […]

CATIA V5 IMA-GSD Model – top view – 911RSR

Quick hybrid modeling with CATIA V5 Imagine and Shape (IMA) and Generative Shape Design (GSD).The model was inspired by the 911 RSR. The main geometry is defined with subdivision surfaces and the details are added with some GSD features. The overall benefits of this method are:– high flexibility in terms of design changes,– parametric features,– […]

Is Virtual Twin Technology the new savior in the race to transform sustainably?

An interview with Shika Chand, expert at Dassault Systèmes

📢 New! 3D Sketching UX enhancements – CATIA Creative Design Experience

Discover the new enhancements we made in the R2023x GA Release in the application Creative Design Experience !Main focus was to bring new User Experience Improvements in general but also dedicated to 3DSketching as well, then to provide more and more functionalities to enrich Modeling & Sculpting toolset.In this video, you will see in action […]

Shopping sustainably this holiday season

The holidays are just around the corner! Between planning time with family and friends, school breaks, and everything in between, holiday shopping can feel like a big undertaking. Wanting to spoil your loved ones with unique, thoughtful, and practical gifts? Well, there’s one angle you may be overlooking: sustainability.

📢 New! Introducing Creative Design Experience In Virtual Reality (R2023xGA)

We are Introducing Creative Design Experience now in Virtual Reality : in one click directly from the desktop application, Launch the Immersive Design Experience to discover a  3DSketching and 3Dsculpting complete toolset for Creative Design and Ideation Process directly in a 3D environment !  Check out this video showing the Creative Process in VR to imagine a new Car Concept, from 3D sketching to […]

📢 New! CATIA Creative Design Experience

Make sure to update your role on the R2023x to discover the new application !Tell us what you think on the community, discuss with us and thousands of CATIA Experts from Dassault Systèmes and users, and watch trainings tutorials!Free login on the Creative Design & Styling community

Transforming Life Science Manufacturing with Modern Operations Management (MOM) Software

In an effort to strive for manufacturing excellence, many manufacturers are starting transformation initiatives in different areas of industrial engineering or the supply chain. But few have addressed the transformation of their shop floors with a common approach to eDHR a modern manufacturing operations management (MES/MOM) solution.

Modern Glider Development with Abaqus Finite Element Method

Jette Lorsbach from the University of Stuttgart’s Akaflieg Stuttgart describes their current project, a workflow using Abaqus to develop a fly-by-wire glider.

Stellar Physically Correct

By creating the highest quality visual simulations, rendered images and videos are produced effectively with Stellar Physically Correct, the Dassault Systémes Global Illumination renderer.

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