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How SaaS-Based CAD Drives Business Resilience

Resilience is key to survival. And what’s the secret sauce for building resilience? SaaS-based CAD! With its versatile capabilities, this cutting-edge technology is the ultimate tool for businesses looking to weather the storm and emerge stronger than ever before.

WIN Conversations: What does inclusion mean to you?

WIN Conversations invites Dassault Systèmes people to talk openly and informally about their beliefs, career experiences and their views on inclusion and equity.

Planning for Smart Cities and Future Mobility

This post has been contributed by Aik Hock Ng – Director, Cities and Public Services, Asia Pacific South, Dassault Systèmes. The rate of urbanization in the Southeast Asian region reached 49% in 2018 and is projected to reach 56% in 2030, according to the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific. […]

3 Reasons Why Late Defect Detention is Costing You More than You

According to an Afnor study, non-quality costs amount to 5% of companies’ turnover. If non-quality can occur at any stage of the process, the later it is detected, the higher the cost.

(Press Release) Dassault Systèmes Collaborates with MapmyIndia Mappls to Design and Deliver Sustainable Cities & Public Services to Citizens of India

This collaboration will enable MapmyIndia Mappls to design and deliver sustainable cities & public services to citizens of India.

The Positive Home Project: SOLIDWORKS User Lucas Saden Shares His Sustainable Furniture Design

The Positive Home Project (TPHP) demonstrates sustainable development using Dassault Systèmes for Home & Lifestyle via an interactive website, video interviews with designers and more. Lucas Saden shares how he developed sustainable furniture.

Modernizing a traditional enterprise with digital technology

Thanks to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform on Cloud, Changshu Innovation is beginning its transformation into a modern, collaborative business.

Blast Off to the Future: How New Space is Meeting Tomorrow’s Challenges

See how the 3DEXPERIENCE platform on the cloud is revolutionizing space engineering, helping startups accelerate innovation and bring products to market faster.

Tackling 5G Aircraft Interference with Electromagnetic Simulation

5G interference mitigation is an important concern, both for the safety of aircraft and the economic viability of 5G deployment. In this blog post, see how a simulation of a worst-case interference scenario can be analyzed and reduced to acceptable levels using the electromagnetic simulation tools in SIMULIA CST Studio Suite.

Emerging Water Pollutants: Challenges and Solutions for a Sustainable Future

Access to healthy, unpolluted water is a fundamental human right. Unfortunately, there are many water quality problems, and technological progress often creates new ones. For example, the burgeoning pharmaceutical industry generates more and more human

How finance and technology could work together

Potential finance and engineering collaboration to create the economic plumbing for as-a-service models in manufacturing industries.

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Learn more about our portfolio of 3D modeling applications, simulation applications creating virtual twins, social and collaborative applications, and information intelligence applications.


The Dassault Systémes Marketing and Sales brand 3DEXCITE provides comprehensive solutions for collaboration and 3D product content creation directly from a secure cloud network, the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform.


BIOVIA is the world’s leading solution for product design and experience. It delivers the unique ability not only to model any product in 3D but to do so in the context of the products real life behavior.


CATIA provides product design and experience capabilities for designers, engineers and system architects to conceive, develop and realize the connected products and experiences we see and use in our everyday lives.


Powered by Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform, DELMIA solutions address the most challenging situations manufacturers experience today. We connect the virtual and real worlds with immersive technology to empower our customers worldwide to collaborate, model, optimize, and execute manufacturing, logistics, and service across an efficient and connected supply chain.


ENOVIA provides enterprise planning, IP management, process governance, and collaborative product development capabilities for multi-disciplinary teams to collaboratively build and execute a successful plan across the entire enterprise.


GEOVIA provides modelling, designing, simulation and monitoring for geoscientists, earth engineers, urban planners and citizens to enable the sustainable use and reuse of natural resources across urban environments and the broader infrastructure sector.


NETVIBES provides data science capabilities that reveal information intelligence for all business users to gain business insights that drive performance.


SIMULIA provides realistic multiphysics simulation, design exploration, and optimization capabilities for designers, engineers and researchers to virtually test, improve and validate their innovations for performance, safety and consumer experiences while reducing cost and time to market.

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