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How green is your car?

The way a car’s environmental performance is measured is changing. One German engineering services provider is embedding life cycle assessment (LCA) into the product design process.

Designing cities to withstand heat

Urban sustainability needs to be the focus of the future as we design cities to withstand increasing heat.

Optimizing Vehicle Costs with NETVIBES Data Science Solutions

A global leader in the automotive industry is maximizing cost efficiency with the NETVIBES Material Cost Intelligence solution.

Can business executives be mindful leaders on the environment?

When it comes to the complex science of sustainability, most business leaders are outside their comfort zones. Here’s how a business experience platform packed with ESG data and informed by AI can restore their confidence.

Virtual Twins: Pioneering Operational Resilience for Future-Ready Financial Services

Stay up to date with the latest cutting-edge trends that are shaping the landscape of banking & insurance companies.

Augmented Reality vs. Virtual Reality: Exploring the Differences

The main difference between virtual and augmented reality is how users interact with the environment. In virtual reality, the user is fully immersed in a virtual environment, while in augmented reality, the user remains in the real world but with virtual elements overlaid.

Dassault Systèmes Collaborates with EVAT to Bridge the Skills Gap in Thailand’s Automotive Industry and Supply Chains

Dassault Systèmes (Euronext Paris: FR0014003TT8, DSY.PA), in partnership with the Electric Vehicle Association of Thailand (EVAT), business sectors, academia and government, is Ieading the way to accelerate Thailand’s prominence as a regional automotive hub. At the heart of Thailand’s ambition to shift from a production base to a more innovation- and research and development-intensive one, […]

Mitigating Aircraft Noise Through Simulation

SIMULIA is excited to work with industry leaders and academics as they leverage simulation capabilities to accelerate innovation and drive design excellence. Today we are proud to introduce Sheryl Grace, associate professor of mechanical engineering at Boston University, to talk about how she is using simulation to develop design tools that can tackle the challenge of turbofan engine noise.

Innovate or Stagnate: Manufacturing Solutions for Startup Trailblazers

Discover strategic insights and success stories that illuminate the path to triumph, from harnessing cutting-edge technologies to fostering collaborative innovation.

Discovery Studio – Your Choice, in the Cloud or on Your Premise

Discovery Studio, BIOVIA’s most extensive 3D modeling and simulation solution for drug discovery, is now available both as Software as a service (SaaS) and an on-prem application. Discovery Studio is a powerful software suite widely used for 3D molecular modeling, simulation, and visualization. It combines world-class in silico techniques and over 30 years of peer-reviewed […]

Green corridors: from concept to reality

Public/private initiatives to encourage sustainable shipping between ports are considered a critical tool for catalyzing the marine industry’s transition to a zero-carbon future. Here’s why green shipping corridors are gaining momentum and how they help ports build an economic and environmental advantage.

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The Dassault Systémes Marketing and Sales brand 3DEXCITE provides comprehensive solutions for collaboration and 3D product content creation directly from a secure cloud network, the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform.


BIOVIA is the world’s leading solution for product design and experience. It delivers the unique ability not only to model any product in 3D but to do so in the context of the products real life behavior.


CATIA provides product design and experience capabilities for designers, engineers and system architects to conceive, develop and realize the connected products and experiences we see and use in our everyday lives.


Powered by Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform, DELMIA solutions address the most challenging situations manufacturers experience today. We connect the virtual and real worlds with immersive technology to empower our customers worldwide to collaborate, model, optimize, and execute manufacturing, logistics, and service across an efficient and connected supply chain.


ENOVIA provides enterprise planning, IP management, process governance, and collaborative product development capabilities for multi-disciplinary teams to collaboratively build and execute a successful plan across the entire enterprise.


GEOVIA provides modelling, designing, simulation and monitoring for geoscientists, earth engineers, urban planners and citizens to enable the sustainable use and reuse of natural resources across urban environments and the broader infrastructure sector.


NETVIBES provides data science capabilities that reveal information intelligence for all business users to gain business insights that drive performance.


SIMULIA provides realistic multiphysics simulation, design exploration, and optimization capabilities for designers, engineers and researchers to virtually test, improve and validate their innovations for performance, safety and consumer experiences while reducing cost and time to market.

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