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What is Dassault Systèmes

Come learn a little more about 3DS!
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We are excited to kick off a new series on our blog, called What is…

We are passionate about sharing stories: subjects we’re curious about, real-world examples we’re proud of and the inspiring ways we’re helping our clients address the world’s greatest challenges, all through the lens of our most important resource: Dassault Systèmes’ people.

In the coming months, we’ll publish posts that address some of the most common questions we hear from our clients. But we thought we’d start by sharing a little more about us, based on the most common questions we get from prospective clients, job candidates, Google searches and, one of our most favorite audiences: our families, who are always asking us, “what do you do all day at work?”

Here are some of the most common questions we get!

“How do you pronounce Dassault Systèmes? Dass-all-t?”

No! We’ve got a strong French heritage, after all! The easiest way to think of it is like this: Dass-so Sys-tem.

“Are you only a French company?”

No! Legally, we’re a European company, and we have a global presence and market reach. We have headquarters in Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific: in Velizy (outside Paris), Waltham (outside Boston) and Shanghai, respectively. But we have 180 sites worldwide in 135 countries; you can discover all locations on our Contact Us page.

“You make planes, right?”

We do not – that’s our sister company, Dassault Aviation. But we do help the entire aerospace & defense industry innovate, however. Watch here to see how.

“So, what does Dassault Systèmes do?”

We like to say that our products touch nearly everything in your life. We even created a video to prove this; check it out below. Another way to learn more about the breadth of our activities is our yearly recap on this blog; read our 2021 end-of-year post!

“Is Dassault Systèmes the same thing as CATIA?”

Nope! CATIA is one of our 12 brands that create great user experiences and build vibrant user communities. You can learn more about all of our brands, here. CATIA was our first brand, spun off from Dassault Aviation back in 1981, and we’re proud of that brand’s 40+ year history and its impacts on transforming how products are designed in 3D.

“What is Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE platform?”

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform is a collaborative environment that empowers businesses to innovate in entirely new ways. We launched it in 2012 to provide organizations a holistic, real-time view of their business activity and ecosystem, to connect people, ideas, data and solutions together in a single environment.

“Is Dassault Systèmes a good place to work?”

Well, we sure think so. And other agree! Forbes ranked us #19 on the 2021 World’s Best Employers list. We also are very proud of our people and their talents, both in and out of the office. To celebrate our 40th anniversary, a few months ago we held an incredible event called “The Great Show” that took place at the Zenith Paris – La Villette and was livestreamed to employees everywhere. 3DS talents from around the world came together to perform and wow us. You can read about that here, as well as take in some beautiful photos of the show.

Watch our people talking about who we are!

“Is Dassault Systèmes hiring?”

We are always looking to bring in top talents – be it in our R&D teams (which are 41% of our company) or other organizations like sales, marketing, HR, operations and more. Our careers page shares all current opportunities across all 3DS sites.

“Is Dassault Systèmes a sustainable company?”

Absolutely. In 2021, we announced our Sustainability Compass, which outlines our strategic goals between now and 2025. In short, we believe that, as a technology company serving clients from all sectors across the economy, we have the power to catalyze radically more sustainable transformations in the processes that shape the physical world through our virtual universes. Put another way, we strive to “walk the talk” and embed sustainability in everything that we do. We also recently released our life cycle assessment solution to enable our customers to drive the circular economy by minimizing the environmental impacts of products and processes.

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