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Calling all leaders in business sustainability

Dassault Systèmes is gathering sustainability leaders for its third European Leaders in Business Sustainability event, which takes place at Münchenbryggeriet in Stockholm on 19th September.
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Over the past few years, sustainability has become a strategic priority that is driving transformation across all businesses, governments and cities – and right across the globe.

It’s easy to see why. The world is grappling with environmental challenges – and there’s increasing demand from consumers for businesses to adopt more sustainable practices. Get it right, and the benefits are huge: responsible businesses not only stand to build more trust with stakeholders, employees and consumers, but they also see a positive impact in terms of engagement, profitability and recruitment.

The path toward a smooth energy transition – While each and every business has a responsibility to implement sustainable practices in their everyday operations, there’s even greater expectation placed on the energy sector and large-scale ventures to facilitate the transition to green energy – a crucial process if we are going to cut emissions and be able to keep global warming to no more than 1.5°C as called for in the Paris Agreement.

However, the energy transition won’t happen overnight. Recent reports suggests that most heavy industry sectors are struggling to meet even the first-level goals aiming for achievement by 2030. This is a problem.

“It’s crucial we create solutions, because a smooth energy transition underpins every single industry,” said Annette Höglund-Dönnes, Renewable Energy and Materials Lead for the Northern Europe at Dassault Systèmes. “Without access to clean energy, we cannot drive the desired decarbonization.”

Digital tools are key to success – According to the World Economic Forum, 70% of the sustainability goals in Agenda 2030 can be met by using digital tools to de-risk large capital investments. Similarly, the Swedish industry research and innovation organization Energiforsk recently launched a research program called “Digitalisation in Nuclear Power, which demonstrates how, as nuclear becomes more prominent across Europe, digital tools will be essential to ensure that projects are delivered in time and on budget.

Several European energy giants are prioritizing digitalization and innovation across their energy projects. For example, companies are using digital twin technology as a powerful tool to optimize the design of capital assets, processes and equipment. This is increasing efficiency across the lifecycle from the initial concepts, through to the building, operations and maintenance phases.

A call for collaboration – Digital tools are also democratizing data and facilitating better collaboration between key stakeholders within organizations and across the energy value chain. Höglund-Dönnes sees this as a very positive step forward: “Collaboration undergoing a transformation,” she said.

A springboard for showcasing success – Keen to foster even further collaboration between businesses, industries and key stakeholders in energy transition, Dassault Systèmes is leveraging its unique position in the market to run its third Leaders in Business Sustainability event in Europe. This year’s event is on September 19th at the historical Münchenbryggeriet in Stockholm, and the all-new format is designed to ensure attendees maximize their knowledge-sharing and enjoy the many networking opportunities.

A focus on four key themes – This year, there will be sessions on four key themes:

1. The power plan for a smooth energy transition – the panel discusses the technological advancements, collaboration, and transformation needed to expedite the shift towards decarbonization and new energy. Who does what and how?

2. Supply chain resilience – products change, and new supply chains need to be formed. In a fast-moving environment the key ability is to adopt to new needs and be prepared to meet the demand. Business sustainability relies on resilient supply chains.

3. Sustainable Innovation: Clean transportation and the future of the auto industry. Developing new products, new processes and sometimes new business models is the biggest challenge to stay on track with sustainability imperatives. It also represents the biggest business opportunities for all industries today. In this session, we will discuss how to transform your business by integrating product innovation with sustainable design practices that can help reduce your carbon footprint.

4. How to make the circular economy achievable, scalable and profitable. In this session, Florence Verzelen, Executive Vice President of Industry, Marketing and Sustainability and Philippine de T’Serclaes, Dassault Systemes’ Chief Sustainability Officer at Dassault Systèmes will investigate how, by redefining how you design, manufacture and operate within the circular economy framework, you can not only contribute to a lower carbon footprint but also position your businesses for long-term success.

We have invited a selected number of panelists to share their inspiring journeys in each of these sessions. As well as learning from these stories, attendees will be able to participate in focused group sessions on specific sustainability topics. Our team of experts will guide you through areas like systems engineering, 3D modelling and more.

For those attendees who like to immerse themselves in new technologies, our Innovative Playground will enable hands-on experiences in the virtual world using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

Attendees can also connect with industry peers, thought leaders and the brightest drivers of sustainability. Mingle with Dassault Systèmes teams, partners and sponsors and build powerful connections that will drive your business forward.

This combination of thought leadership, our playground experience and networking will allow our invited guests to explore the latest new ideas and leave the day feeling inspired and connected. “Leaders from every industry, no matter where they are in their decarbonization journey, will benefit from this event,” said Höglund-Dönnes. “You’ll be able to make new connections, see the latest and greatest new technologies and learn more about how you can help drive sustainability across the value chain to build a brighter future for everyone.”

Seats are limited. Register your interest now.

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