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Mobile World Congress: Stories Beneath the Surface

Discover the profound impact of industrial technology and the challenge of effectively communicating the value it creates.
Avatar Tom Acland

The Mobile World Congress holds a special place in my heart – much like the bustling taxi queue outside the Barcelona Fira at 18:00, it’s an impressive spectacle, brimming with technical camaraderie. It’s where diverse professionals, spanning different industries and layers of the technology stack, converge to literally build connections.

This year, I took on the role of serving the Dassault Systèmes social media team, aiming to unearth stories that delve deeper beneath the shiny surface of mobile handsets and connected cars. The experience was nothing short of exhilarating, as you can see in the video I posted on LinkedIn, capturing the essence of our MWC journey.

Reflecting on our expedition, I ponder whether there was more we could have done. Almost all the booths we visited at MWC belonged to Dassault Systèmes clients, revealing the profound impact of industrial technology on the things we often take for granted as consumers. However, industrial companies seem to struggle in effectively showcasing the value they create, and it’s our responsibility at 3DEXCITE to assist them in this endeavor.

Interestingly, the technology champions in the connectivity value chain are often more driven by engineering than communication. In an era where high-tech products are increasingly defined by software, the seamless transition from engineering to user experience becomes paramount. Communication is no longer an add-on; it’s a competitive attribute.

To exemplify the possibilities, let’s turn our attention to the recent demos showcased at 3DEXPERIENCE World in February. The narrative revolves around a technical product intricately woven into a system, ultimately creating a captivating experience. Although smart factories could have been our focal point, we opted for the amusement park instead, embracing the spirit of SOLIDWORKS.

3DExperience World Rollercoaster

Try the demo for yourself

Through the use of data authored in xDesign, engineers leverage the 3DDemonstrator role to automatically streamline and enhance the product structure. This ensures that businesses have continuous access to a reliable representation of their offerings, highlighting the transformative power of innovation in the way we work and live.

In summary, storytelling in 3D adds a layer of depth to the conventional product narrative, offering a unique perspective that goes beyond the technical aspects. By showcasing products in the context of experiences, we convey the true value of innovations, shaping the way we perceive and interact with the evolving landscape of technology.


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