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2023 Year in Review: Bloggers choice

Dassault Systèmes frequent bloggers share some of their favorite stories and tell us why they like them.
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What do the Titanic, kids playing doctor, augmented reality and AI, auto design, neural networks and composite materials have in common? They are all topics recently featured on the 3DS Blog.  As part of our 2023 Year in Review series, we asked some of our frequent bloggers to go back and select a topic that resonated, and tell us why they found it thought-provoking or inspirational.

This collection illustrates the wide depth and variety of solutions, projects and issues that are important to Dassault Systemes, our people, our customers and our partners. We hope you find the selections as interesting as we do!

Modeling the Titanic

Image of Titanic sinking

“Using Pipeline Pilot, BIOVIA’s no-code/low-code solution for data analytics, you can build a model to predict who will survive the famous tragedy. I recall around the same time we originally published, the Titanic was in the news because people were in a submersible to see the Titanic shipwreck underwater, and there was an explosion. Even Netflix started showing the movie again, which, by the way, had a huge impact on me when I saw it in the theater (decades ago) as a teenager. The fact that we have an extensive blog series showcasing all the analyses you can perform, complete with videos and utilizing data tied to this tragic yet famous story, makes it an interesting post, especially for those who don’t know how to code.” Read the full story here

– Ceren Tuzmen, BIOVIA Brand Marketing Senior Manager

Inspiring the next generation, family style

A child is wearing a virtual reality headset and she is pointing into the air at something shis seeing through the headset

It’s the kids in VR headsets for me. This is one of our most popular stories of the year and we’ve always kind of wondered why. On the surface, it’s a pretty straightforward recap of Kids Day at HQ in Velizy and offices around the world. But as you get into it, you see the theme was ‘Live the Experience,’ and you learn the kids were doing exactly that. They’re designing phone cases and bedrooms in 3D and using virtual twins to treat patients at a Teddy bear hospital. And then, the headsets. There’s this one image of a child crawling across the floor of our corporate offices with one elbow on the tile, one hand reaching onto the rug and an expression of wonder on their face because a virtual twin has transported them deep into Lascaux Cave, where the ancient cave drawings seem close enough to touch. The story’s all about virtual experiences for real life, which of course is what Dassault  Systèmes is all about as a company, only in this case we’re seeing it from the perspective of our kids. I think that’s why this story resonates so the full story here

– Patrick Ball, WW Communication Senior Manager

Decoding with Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality

abstract image of stars in the sky

“I chose this blog on AI and AR as my favorite topic of 2023 because it best reflects the course of society as well as the manufacturing industry. In the words of sci-fi author Isaac Asimov, ‘you just can’t differentiate between a robot and the very best of humans.’ Wait! I think I better go watch iRobot again.” read the full story here

 – Therese Snow, DELMIA Senior Digital and Offer Marketing

Image of H1st Software Republique Concept Car

Software Republique and the future of mobility ecosystems

“To me, the Software Republique alliance and the creation of the Human 1st Vision Concept Car reveals to us the tangible possibility of a human-centered mobility experience. Car manufacturing is no longer just about delivering new technology and design, but also using the virtual world to enhance the real world.” read the full story here

– Bastian Graf-Schorm, 3DEXCITE Communication Specialist

SIMULIA ask an engineer series

“SIMULIA publishes an Ask an Engineer Series. I enjoy these stories because our solutions tend to be very technical. I love how these blogs take complex subjects and explain them in such a way that we can all understand and appreciate the amazing capabilities of SIMULIA.” Read the full story here

Katie Corey, SIMULIA Creative Communication Manager

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