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Inspiring the next generation, family style

Dassault Systèmes campuses around the world open our offices to friends and family to showcase what we do every day at work…with lots of fun surprises along the way.
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Sun and fun, with some learning mixed in. That was what the families of Dassault Systèmes employees at our Vélizy-Villacoublay, France headquarters experienced earlier this month during the third local edition of our “Kids’ Day” event. Over 3600 attendees came to campus where they had over 70 activities to choose from on a beautiful spring day.

We certainly went heavy on the fun – lots of food, games, and crafts! But we also wanted to show our nearest and dearest what we do every day at work, exposing them to the power of virtual worlds. In fact, this year’s theme was Live the Experience. Participants of all ages came away with a better understanding of how virtual worlds can inspire imaginative ideas at any age and spark the creation of sustainable innovations that can improve humankind. At least one child who attended with her aunt asked when she could come work for the company!

While we call the event Kids Day, it’s not just for youth. This year, we opened the invitation to be more inclusive. Employees could bring any adult as their +1 (a partner, family member or friend) and employees who do not have children were able to also bring a child from their circle (a nephew, niece, grandchild, or a friend’s child, for example).

The event was centered around five themes: training tomorrow’s talent, imagining the industry of the future, creating a better world, developing personalized health and designing sustainable cities. Over 100 Dassault Systèmes employees volunteered to lead demonstrations, workshops and interactive experiences combining art, science and technology.  

Some specific activities during the Vélizy event included:

  • Workshops on topics like Young girls in tech and science: why not you?, and Design your phone case in 3D.
  • Virtual reality experiences of world heritage sites and 3DEXPERIENCE Lab startup projects
  • Glimpses into how the virtual world can improve health care – including treating “patients” at a teddy bear hospital.
  • Hands-on creation in 3D: imagining what vehicles of the future may look like and designing your ideal bedroom.
  • Interactive sessions involving a collective digital city design, aerodynamic simulations and a virtual visit to the Clos Lucé castle to explore Leonardo da Vinci’s inventions in an augmented reality photo experience

Many of our other campuses run similar events, some purely focused on entertainment, while others mix in opportunities for youth to discover our products and the skills needed in today’s workforce. Here are a few examples:

  • In early June, our team in Krakow, Poland, turned their office into Disney’s Enchanted Wonderland. A great turnout was able to experience Disney-themed initiatives and surprises including face painting, jewelry making, a fairy-tale photo booth and a workshop to learn how to twist balloons into whatever their imagination desired, including knight’s swords, royal headwear and animals.
  • Our Osaki, Japan office hosted nearly 100 people in January to enjoy activities such as capsule machine game and a stamp rally. Attendees also had an opportunity to learn about the UN Sustainable Development Goals and participate in a Q&A with Japan’s managing director, Philippe Godbout. We loved to hear that some of the children wanted to know how they could join the company!
  • Our Waltham, Massachusetts US-headquarters held a family day last summer…and invitations are out for this year’s edition in August! In fact, we’re in the middle of a contest for a family member to develop our Family Day 2023 logo – asking participants to let their imagination run wild and design a captivating sustainability-inspired graphic that embodies the spirit of family and fun. In addition to food trucks, face painting and outdoor games, tours of our 3DEXPERIENCE Center and 3DEXPERIENCE Lab are offered. One of the top activities of the 2022 event: participants were able to test out the live LEXUS 3D configurator​​​​​​​ created with our 3DEXCITE team on a touch screen. Folks were able to digitally personalize their ideal car, after which one family member told us: I’d feel I’m missing something next time I shop online without 3D!
  • The Bangalore and Pune, India campuses welcomed over 6000 people combined last November to events they called LIFE @3DS. Employees welcomed their families and friends to explore the workplace, company culture and the innovations that Dassault Systèmes supports. In between attractions like bouncy houses and trampolines, guests checked out the 3DEXPERIENCE Lab, booths selling goods from NGOs and the grounds…which boasts a swimming pool and tennis courts.

And that’s just a sample! Families in Chile, Brazil and China, among others, had similar days…with more to come.

We love getting to show off Dassault Systèmes and what we do, and we look forward to continuing to share this experience with our families and friends. We especially love watching little minds explore and connect with the innovation process. Who knows…maybe some day they’ll come work alongside us!

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