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Reveal the World Tour: Week 9 and 10 Highlights

Reveal The World Tour: Week 9 and 10 Highlights It all began…
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Reveal The World Tour: Week 9 and 10 Highlights

It all began with a vision. How do we bring the power of simulation to those who’ve never experienced it before? Simulation is so intricately woven into design processes that many times consumers aren’t even aware that it plays an important role in the final concept of a product. Engaging the world about how profoundly simulation impacts our everyday lives has been a dream of the SIMULIA Marketing team for some time. 

So, what does it take to turn a dream into reality? 

Courage. Determination. Resilience. Creativity. But most importantly, grit and hard work. 

We are excited and proud to have officially kicked off the Reveal the World Tour for Fall 2019. Simulation is on the road and coming to you! Check out our recap from weeks 9 and 10 of the tour below from Megan Schmidt, SIMULIA Champions and Communities Specialist, and Lindsay Cote, Senior Manager, SIMULIA Marketing, both members of the trailblazing tour staff, and hear directly from students and customers at various locations about their experience on the tour. Check back each week for a new recap and for a preview of the week ahead.  

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Week 9 was a university-heavy week, starting off at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Students who visited were enthusiastic and spent 20-30 minutes aboard. The driving simulator was the most popular attraction.

Next was the Illinois Institute of Technology. The event had been endorsed by the Dean of Engineering and promoted internally to both students and other university leaders who made an effort to stop by. Most of the visitors came between 10 and 11:30 in the morning, with the zSpace Living Heart model being the most popular.

Week 10 was a busy week with four events. The tour traveled throughout the Detroit region—starting in Detroit itself, then Dearborn to the West of the city, Troy to the North of the city and back again in Dearborn. Given we were back in the Motor City, most of the experiences were focused in the T&M industry. However, we also showed the Living Heart on the Google cardboard and zSpace. This proved very popular at all tour stops and demonstrated breadth in our solutions.

On Monday, we stopped at a manufacturing company. The trailer was located next to a busy railroad track, but that didn’t stop employees from coming to visit. The weather was nice, warm and sunny compared to the cold the week before. The driving simulator was, as always, quite popular.

Tuesday was another manufacturing stop. Despite the cold and a five minute walk from the event venue, employees came enthusiastically in groups to visit the trailer. Several leads were made during this visit, including an employee who wanted to learn more about Tosca Structure, as well as the Additive Manufacturing plug in for Abaqus, Aeroacoustics applications within PowerFLOW and NVH applications in Abaqus and Wave6. Another visitor spent over an hour talking with the Reveal Tour staff. His team currently uses SOLIDWORKS Simulation Suite, but would like to have the capabilities of the Abaqus Solver in 3DEXPERIENCE.

On Thursday we visited an automotive company. One attendee in particular wanted to learn more about the zSpace/3DVIA on 3DEXPERIENCE for exploding an assembly of an oil pump and viewing simulation results, as well as Abaqus-Xflow FSI capabilities to simulate oil pressure effects in an engine oil pump.

Friday took us to the University of Michigan – Dearborn, which was our busiest visit of the tour. Students were constantly joining us during the five-hour visit. We met with students and faculty from a variety of majors, ranging from Mechanical Engineering to Robotics, Computer / Information Science and Bioengineering. The Living Heart experiences were exceptionally popular due to the high turnout of Bioengineering majors and professors. Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist Susanne Temple also joined for the day to talk to students and collect resumes from students seeking an internship or employment with Dassault Systèmes. Given the large turnout, it seems many students are hoping to keep 3DS on the horizon!

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