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Reveal The World Tour: Week 4 Highlights

Reveal The World Tour: Week 4 Highlights It all began with a…
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Reveal The World Tour: Week 4 Highlights

It all began with a vision. How do we bring the power of simulation to those who’ve never experienced it before? Simulation is so intricately woven into design processes that many times consumers aren’t even aware that it plays an important role in the final concept of a product. Engaging the world about how profoundly simulation impacts our everyday lives has been a dream of the SIMULIA Marketing team for some time. 

So, what does it take to turn a dream into reality? 

Courage. Determination. Resilience. Creativity. But most importantly, grit and hard work. 

We are excited and proud to have officially kicked off the Reveal the World Tour for Fall 2019. Simulation is on the road and coming to you! Check out our recap from week 4 of the tour below from Lindsay Cote, SIMULIA Senior Marketing Manager, and member of the trailblazing tour staff, and hear directly from students and customers at various locations about their experience on the tour. Check back each week for a new recap and for a preview of the week ahead.  

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The Reveal the World Tour week 4 was off and running on Monday, October 14th we were part of the Technology Day at the Dassault Systèmes Auburn Hills Office where 55 attendees came to experience “simulation on wheels.” Registration had to be inside as it was cold! But this worked out perfectly with the flow of traffic!

One customer visited the trailer in the morning for a good 30 minutes, then came back again in the afternoon for another 30+ minutes. This customer was also very active in the Technology Day and wanted to “learn everything.”

Top moments of the day:

  • A wind turbine company was in town from Denmark. Their account manager brought them by to see us, since he saw it parked outside the office. We decided to switch the Hololens over to the Wind Turbine demo just for them. They were delighted to have an experience customized just for their arrival.
  • An email went out to the whole building letting everyone in the Auburn Hills office know the trailer was on site, and as expected there were a lot of employees that came by. However, we also saw 8 people an automotive supplier who shares the office space with our colleagues. These contacts were impressed by the breadth of technology available on the tour.
  • Selfie wall came to life with the arrival of the new Kodak printer. That is an experience in itself to see the photo print one color at a time!
  • Average time on the trailer was 20 minutes per visitor, a good indicator that people are truly engaged and are having the opportunity to experience all that is available.
  • Olivier Sappin, VP of T&M Industry, came on board and spent 30 minutes with us. He also just missed the fastest lap record by 2 seconds!

On Tuesday, October 15th we were again at the Auburn Hills Office  where we had 25 visitors that were extremely engaged and spent a lot of time with us.  The engineering lead at one company was very interested in learning more about the Platform, especially with traditional manufacturing simulation and injection molding. The  company’s software project lead at was very impressed with our technology, especially fluid flow.  He was visiting from Italy and spent nearly an hour with us.

We also had a lot of fun shooting some promotional materials for our trailer, including interior and exterior footage, drone shots, and an interview with myself and Matt Dunn from MRA.

Wednesday, October 16th we attended the Global Automotive Advisory Group (GAAG) Dinner at Meadowbrook Hall with 65 attendees.  The event took place at Meadowbrook Hall, a historic venue that houses model T’s that were on display in their on-premise garage.  Considering these vehicles were ca. 100 years old, they were all in perfect condition!

Executives from the top automotive OEMS around the world toured with us and everyone was in awe from the moment they stepped onto the trailer. The interior really creates a great impression. SimKraft continues to be a huge success. We put SimKraft on the registration iPads and this worked perfectly with the amount of traffic we had, and made for a greater starter point as people entered.  Comments we heard were, “Yes, this is what my team works on!”

Our colleague, Katha Sheth met the CTO of a successful automotive manufacture. He enjoyed the zSpace and thought the experience would be a great extension to their digital prototyping lab.  For the RT Simulator, we saw that visitors were more interested in learning about the underlying technology vs. partaking in the “Fastest Lap” Challenge that has been so popular at colleges and universities.

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