October 18, 2019

Reveal The World Tour: Week 3 Recap

It all began with a vision. How do we bring the power…
Avatar Katie Corey

It all began with a vision. How do we bring the power of simulation to those who’ve never experienced it before? Simulation is so intricately woven into design processes that many times consumers aren’t even aware that it plays an important role in the final concept of a product. Engaging the world about how profoundly simulation impacts our everyday lives has been a dream of the SIMULIA Marketing team for some time. 

So, what does it take to turn a dream into reality? 

Courage. Determination. Resilience. Creativity. But most importantly, grit and hard work. 

We are excited and proud to have officially kicked off the Reveal the World Tour for Fall 2019. Simulation is on the road and coming to you! Check out our recap from week 2 of the tour below from Arthi Rajagopal, SIMULIA Champions and Advocacy Marketing Manager, and member of the trailblazing tour staff, and hear directly from students and customers at various locations about their experience on the tour. Check back each week for a new recap and for a preview of the week ahead.  

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We kicked off this week of the tour in Cleveland, Ohio where more than 200 engineers and other employees went through and got to try all the experiences on the bus.  Many were design engineers who were familiar with SOLIDWORKS or CATIA (and now SIMULIA!) and were most impressed with the technology.  The Living Heart and the Living Brain on the zSpace were among the favorite experiences as well as the driving simulator.  One visitor commented on the Living Heart, “Wow, this is great! Do you have the brain too?”

The Wing Airflow on the Vive resonated with the audience given the organization’s aerospace focus.  The Wing Airflow shows a detailed simulation flow around an aircraft with advanced airflow simulations visualized around the wing, engine and landing gear.  By observing airflow, designers can get a clear sense of aerodynamic effectiveness.

On October 10th and 11th the tour arrived in Akron, Ohio at the Hilton Garden Inn where the Reveal the World Tour welcomed customers from from two tire companies with a pizza and beer lunch.  One of the companies was very interested in the technology we showcased and especially the immersive way of demonstrating simulation results.  They eagerly wanted to learn more and to get tips on how they could build something of their own.

Erick Brothers from Aerospace and Manufacturing and Design dropped by to chat with us and he was engaged, interested and asked a lot of questions. We also had a lot of casual visitors who were staying at the hotel or nearby and just dropped in to see what the tour was all about.  They were impressed by our simulation technology and by Dassault Systèmes.

We hope you enjoyed this recap of our third week on the Reveal the World Tour! Next week we’ll be visiting our Auburn Hills office.  See you at the next stop!

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