ManufacturingApril 20, 2020

Get Answers to Emergency Supply Planning

The COVID-19 virus is affecting supply chains around the world with huge…
Therese Snow

The COVID-19 virus is affecting supply chains around the world with huge peaks in demand and disruption on a scale most could not imagine prior to the current crisis. This is creating huge pressure and challenges for many businesses and organizations.

What we are doing today helps us learn how to cope with tomorrow’s challenges. Solutions that we put in place today will continue to provide value and develop best practices that will connect us and make us more proactive in the future. But how? Agility is a core principle of our solutions and in the current situation, it is vital that we act quickly. By using a packaged and hosted solution, we can start providing value within 30 days. After go-live we will continue to provide support for both end users and in-depth data analysis so that rapid decisions can be made confidently and adapt to the changing news of your supply chain.

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Listen DELMIA’s “Global Operations on the Go: Emergency Supply Planner” podcast with Camilo Gaviria, Vice President of Technical Sales at DELMIA. He provides valuable insight on Emergency Supply Planning so you can get started today.

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