January 17, 2024

NETVIBES in Action

Discover how leading companies across industries are leveraging NETVIBES data science solutions to tackle their biggest challenges.
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NETVIBES transforms data into actionable knowledge to boost innovation and competitiveness, addressing today’s primary challenges:

  • Supply chain resilience
  • Product & business sustainability
  • Operational excellence

See the NETVIBES portfolio in action integrating data, decisions and operations across the following enterprise disciplines:

Manage data-driven portfolio and project decisions

Planning: Manage data-driven portfolio and project decisions

Discover how a leading provider of Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services for the energy industry is managing complexity at scale. Its teams are overcoming data silos by collaborating on complex projects while working with multiple IT systems.

More details on the full case study.

Improve product performance

Virtual Product Development: Improve product performance

See how an electric vehicle manufacturer is reducing inventory obsolescence with a better way to manage the growing number of engineering changes across the vehicle lifecycle. The company also needed to optimize understanding of the bills of materials (BOMs) so the different disciplines involved in vehicle development could work together more smoothly.

More details on the full case study.

Optimize component sourcing and standardization

Value Network: Optimize component sourcing and standardization

Learn how a provider of intelligent power management solutions is building a resilient supply chain, removing duplicate parts and empowering engineering and supply chain teams to make better informed decisions about whether to reuse, buy or make parts.

More details on the full case study.

Also read how a leading multinational provider in the aerospace industry is achieving digital continuity with streamlined operations into design, manufacturing and services for its products. It started with two goals: to create a standardized, searchable parts catalog that would optimize the reuse of standard parts, and to break down information silos so that multiple disciplines could collaborate at every stage of the product lifecycle.

More details on the full case study.

Finally, check out how a leading multinational producer of luxury automobiles is mastering part sourcing and standardization. To accomplish its goal to become an all-electric brand by 2025, it needs end-to-end visibility, accountability and transparency. But silos of information, created by multiple systems and point solutions, were making that impossible to achieve.

More details on the full case study.

Maximize product availability

Customer Experience: Maximize product availability

Explore how a French aerospace company is decreasing aircraft downtime, maximizing fleet availability to complete missions, while optimizing the resources required to operate the fleet across diverse geographies and conditions.

More details on the full case study.

Connect people, data and operations

Collaboration & Intelligence: Connect people, data and operations

Find out how a global vehicle manufacturer is achieving digital transformation with the virtual twin experience, connecting data across the product lifecycle. Extending these data science capabilities to costing and purchasing functions would allow it to better navigate volatile materials markets and ensure an agile supply chain, optimizing product costs.

More details on the full case study.

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