December 11, 2018

Surpac Webinar: Extract more value from underground ore bodies using Stope Optimization

  Watch the Webinar now. We recently held our fifth webinar in…

Watch the Webinar now. We recently held our fifth webinar in the GEOVIA Innovation Webinar Series – How to extract more value from underground ore bodies using Stope Optimization. The Webinar recording is available to watch below.

Webinar Highlights

The webinar introduced Surpac Stope Optimization, a solution that provides underground engineers with the ability to automate the stope design process and evaluate multiple project scenarios. Through Stope Optimization, customers can rapidly generate and review results based on a variety of economic parameters and practical mining constraints to maximize the value of the resource recovery.

  • Automate the Stope Design process while considering practical mining parameters to extract the highest possible economic value from a deposit
  • Produce stope inventories from block models that spatially represent the location of mineralization
  • Use the Stope Optimization Scenario Management system to save time and manage analyzation options
  • Utilize Stope Optimization in conjunction with Surpac for an integrated user experience

Watch the Webinar

Presenter – Linda Bateman

Linda Bateman, Senior Solution Consultant GEOVIA, is a mining professional with over +20 years of experience. Linda’s career has seen her work with a number of operations throughout WA with her most recent mining role as a senior manager overseeing the resources and reserves for Cliffs Asia Pacific. Linda’s career has provided diverse opportunities in project management; coach and mentor; management of team culture and extensive mining operational and optimization achievements.

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