April 20, 2020

How to create a Long Section Puncture Plot in SURPAC Part 3

  Blog Part 3 of 4 | SURPAC – Outlining the Ore…
Avatar Kim Ferguson-Thomas

Blog Part 3 of 4 | SURPAC – Outlining the Ore Body with greatest value with a contoured gram meter plot.

As a Geologist, you may be asked to produce a contoured gram meter plot to outline areas of the ore body that have the greatest value or potential ore shoots. This plot can also highlight areas of wider stopes, that then require more ground support during mining. This plot can also highlight areas where more drilling is required to upgrade the resource/reserve.

This is the 3rd blog in the series “plotting long sections”. The files created in blog 1, from the functions “Database>Composite>by Geological Constraints” and “Database>extract>zone thickness and depth” are required for this process.

Merging of Thickness and Grade Data


If we are to calculate gram meters, then we need to merge the true thickness field into a file with the grade field. To do this:

File tools>Combine/Split file options>Merge fields from multiple files


You will notice that the contours are a distance away from the dtm. This is because the Z value is the contour interval.

Using Edit>layer>maths, copy the z value into an available dfield, save the file and refresh the graphics.

to plot the contours with the puncture points.


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Part 4: Click here | In the 4th post, we describe how to outline the Ore Body with greatest value with a contoured gram meter plot.

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