April 6, 2020

How to create a Long Section Puncture Plot in SURPAC Part 2

  Blog Part 2 of 4 | SURPAC – Plotting  using an…
Avatar Kim Ferguson-Thomas

Blog Part 2 of 4 | SURPAC – Plotting  using an entity and creating a legend,

In this second part post we continue on with the plotting of the Puncture Plot, but we will use entities to display the drillhole ID, grade and true width and how to display a legend.

Creating a plot with the hole ID, Thickness and Grade for each puncture point.

Step 1:

Plotting > Entity > Copy. Call it “True Thickness”

In the first post we show how to create a Long Section Puncture Plot of the Mine Ore Zone displaying Hole ID, grade and true thickness.

Part 2: Click here | In the 2nd post, we look at creating an entity to display the hole ID, thickness and grade and to create a legend.

Part 3: Click here | In the 3rd post, we go through the process of creating a gram-meters plot and contouring the data.

Part 4: Click here | In the 4th post, we describe how to outline the Ore Body with greatest value with a contoured gram meter plot.

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