December 21, 2018

GEOVIA Champions Program: A Year-End Review

  The GEOVIA Champions Program was created this year to recognize and…
Avatar Pierre Leroux

The GEOVIA Champions Program was created this year to recognize and reward our most influential and passionate users. GEOVIA Champions are our most loyal users and are active members of the GEOVIA community. They are keen to spread the word about GEOVIA and if they have the option, will choose to use our software again and again. Our aim is to create opportunities for our users to share their knowledge and expertise. Since its launch, we are fortunate enough to be connected with many users around the globe who are eager to share their expertise and also gain more knowledge in our software.

GEOVIA Champions are our most loyal users and they are dedicated in continuously acquiring more skills in our software. We ensure that they are recognized by their peers as a GEOVIA Champion by awarding them with a Champion certificate, Champion e-badge, and a welcome bag with GEOVIA and 3DS branded items.

After speaking with all our Champions, it is clear that they are passionate and an expert at what they do. They have extensive experience using our software and wish to be more active in the GEOVIA community by being connected with other knowledgeable users to grow their skill set. We are excited to provide even more valuable opportunities to cater to those needs in 2019.

As we near the end of the year, we are proud to say we have 18 Champions worldwide with locations ranging from Australia to India to Saudi Arabia from notable companies.

To read about our Champions, please go to our Champions webpage.

Introducing four new GEOVIA Champions

Welcome to six new GEOVIA Champions

Welcome to four new GEOVIA Champions  

Congratulations to all the Champions, and we look forward to growing our Champions community in 2019!

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