December 6, 2018

Welcome to six new GEOVIA Champions

  We are pleased to welcome six new GEOVIA Champions, Mohamed Mahmoud…

We are pleased to welcome six new GEOVIA Champions, Mohamed Mahmoud Ali from Maaden Waad Al Shamal Phosphate Company (MWSPC), Breno Magalhães from Gerdau, Mohamed Durand from Wassoul’or SA, Moriba Traoré from Alufer Mining, Tiékoura Traore from Resolute Mining Ltd. and Alex Whishaw from CSA Global to the GEOVIA Champions Program!

Learn more about their accomplishments that make them stand out as Champions for GEOVIA below.

Mohamed Mahmoud Ali

Geostatistician, Maaden Waad Al Shamal Phosphate Company (MWSPC)

Breno Magalhães

Mining Engineer, Gerdau

Breno has more than 10 years of mine operational experience in major Brazilian iron ore companies including Gerdau and CSN. With more than five years of experience with GEOVIA software, he is experienced in all stages of mine planning from scoping studies to operational plans, project financial evaluation, project management and environment technical studies in accordance with international regulations. Breno’s practical consulting experience is highlighted in his approach to mine planning, operations, and mineral economics in Runge Consulting.

LinkedIn: Breno Magalhães

Mohamed Durand

Geologist, Wassoul’or SA

Mohamed is an experienced geologist with six years’ experience using GEOVIA software. Currently, he works as a Resource Geologist for Wassoul’or SA, a gold exploration and production company. His areas of expertise are resources and grade control, as well as estimation and valuation of mineral resources. Mohamed has received training for GEOVIA software and uses Surpac, GEMS, and MineSched continuously for his role.

LinkedIn: Mohamed Durand 

Moriba Traoré

Mine Planning Engineer, Alufer Mining

Moriba began his career as a Drilling and Blast Supervisor for mines for Crew Gold Guinea Corporation (Mining Society of Dinguiraye) in 2006, where he eventually advanced to becoming the Junior Engineer of Mines in 2008. From then on, he has held various mining engineer positions for many mines, including Norgold Guinea and Moatize Mine Coal in Mozambique where he was the Senior Mining Engineer. Currently, Moriba is the Mine Planning Engineer for Bel Air Mining (Alufer Mining), where he uses Surpac regularly in his role.

LinkedIn: Moriba Traoré

Tiékoura Traore

Mine Geologist, Resolute Mining Ltd.

Tiékoura is a Mine Geologist for Syama Gold Mines (Resolute Mining Ltd.) conducting research through observations, field analysis, defining mining areas, assuring productivity, ore quality, and worker safety. He is responsible for more than 30 people in his team, along with several trainees, and manages the computer data of the Geology Department. Passionate about discovering new future career achievements, he is involved in the trade union to improve the living conditions of about 500 permanent workers. With seven years of experience using Surpac, he is knowledgeable in the areas of mine geology planning, design, control, interpretation and optimization of the geological work of the mine, mapping, modelization, compositing and simulations.

LinkedIn: Tiékoura Traore

Alex Whishaw

Senior Resource Geologist, CSA Global

Employed by renowned global mining industry consultants, CSA Global in Perth, Western Australia, Senior Resource Geologist, Alex Whishaw is considered a group specialist for Surpac and it’s communication with GEOVIA systems and other products. Alex has spent much of his time working in numerous geological environments across the globe, broadly stretching from exploration, mining and production to a focus on Mineral Resource estimation. Throughout his 20-year geoscientific career, he has been exposed to a substantial number of mining software packages and GIS and database systems. He uses his coding knowledge to streamline and integrate solutions for clients. His ability to clearly understand and articulate customer requirements from technical support to management decisions has been instrumental to assist peers and clients alike.

The GEOVIA community has enabled Alex to reach a high level of Surpac capability, so he feels that the time is right to return the favour and pass on his knowledge as a GEOVIA Champion. He wants to ensure the industry is able to meet a range of challenges, whilst adopting and developing cutting-edge technology with a pragmatic approach.

LinkedIn: Alex Whishaw 

Once again, welcome aboard Mohamed, Breno, Mohamed, Moriba, Tiékoura, and Alex!

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