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Transformation in the Age of Uncertainty

DELMIA Podcast Series on the Transformation Journey This is the first blog…
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DELMIA Podcast Series on the Transformation Journey

DELMIA transformation journey podcast banner.

This is the first blog featuring a series of podcasts that discuss enterprise transformation called the “Transformation Journey: Research Note Series.”

This podcast series starts with Note #1 | The 7 Components to Transforming Operations. It features Eric Green, Vice President, DELMIA and Fred Thomas, Strategic Business Development and Marketing Director at DELMIA.

Here are a few highlights of their deep-dive into the topic of transforming operations.

The 7 Components to Transforming Operations

This first note in the series, “The 7 Components to Transforming Operations”, introduces the entire Transformation Journey Research Note Series™ and specifically details the 7 core digital technology components that are needed to deliver flexibility, resiliency, and improved performance in manufacturing and operations.

Our DELMIA experts, Eric and Fred, start the podcast with discussing exactly how to help customers understand what transforming operations means. It starts with sharing knowledge and learning about the customer. Following that, the transformation series is more than helping customers solve their businesses challenges of today—it’s about being a partner in the future as their business evolves, changes, and transforms. The journey is more than just technology; it involves the elements needed to support the transformation. And that’s exactly what the podcasts on the Research Note Series explain. It’s designed to help customers well beyond support. It’s about being with them all along the way, on their journey to transformation.

How to Get Started

Listen to our DELMIA “Global Operations on the Go” podcast to learn more about the key components of the Transformation Journey.

For details, download your copy of “Transformation Journey Research Note Series:A 4-step guide to drive your industrial transformation journey.”

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