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Why is everyone so excited about Generative AI?

Generative AI is revolutionizing the creative world. By automating tasks including data analysis, customer service and content creation, companies are increasing efficiency and cost savings.
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Everything, Everywhere All at Once,” is the title of the Academy Award winner for best picture in 2023, and to me, this perfectly describes the hype these days surrounding all things artificial intelligence (AI) and specifically generative AI.

To wade through some of the constant buzz and learn more about the massive global impact of this new technology, I virtually attended Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXCITE Live event – The Generative AI Explosion: Revolutionizing the Creative World, wich was held in our 3DEXPERIENCE Lab in Munich on June 22.

Image created by one of our artists, Andres Broos. He created this in symbAIosis with Stable Diffusion, and he added AI in the word to play with it. This image was the winner from a competition to design the event visual for 3DEXCITE Live – the Generative AI Explosion: Revolutionizing the Creative World.

Raj Hayer, founder and CEO of TinyBox Academy, hosted an interactive live-panel discussion with four AI thought leaders: Carsten Lindstedt, head of brand experience for 3DEXCITE, Vladimir Alexeev, researcher, writer, and artist, Aris Tsakpinis, generative AI lead DACH, AWS, and Sara Ouakim, open innovation lead, Accenture. Below are the main takeaways I learned from the fascinating panel discussion.

Generative AI augments human creativity

AI is not going to replace us anytime soon. AI can perform certain creative tasks, but can’t yet imitate human emotional intelligence and the personal experiences that define the human creative process. But it can help humans create new content, chat responses and designs when prompts are effectively used.

AI is improving digital twin simulations and experiences

Generative AI apps like ChatGPT and Stable Diffusion are making it easier to enhance digital twin simulations and 3D interactive experiences and environments. From the minute we open our eyes in the morning and connect to our devices, AI influences everything we interact with; curating our news, e-commerce and even interactions with customer service. Many industries are already enthusiastically adopting these technologies including gaming, automotive, manufacturing, and healthcare.

New AI skills are critical to building the workforce of the future

“In 2022, everything changed. With the release of DALL·E 2, then openAI image generators and then open source AI at the end of the year, it was just mind blowing.

Because I was a passionate photographer for many years, it was fascinating to be anywere around the world, and to suddenly be able to create images and products in different styles was just amazing,” shared Carsten Lindstedt, head of brand experience for 3DEXCITE.

97 million new jobs will be created by 2025 that are directly tied AI.

World Economic Forum

The key to embarking on a successful career using generative AI is to focus constantly on what new skills are needed to optimize the incredible value of this technology. Machine learning engineers, director of analytics, computer vision engineers are just some of the job titles we’ll likely see in the near future. And, as AI gets implemented in every industry, the demand for AI maintenance workers will be massive, as companies need AI developers and engineers to maintain these systems.

Notes of caution

As with every disruptive new technology, there is much we don’t know yet. Because the massive amounts of data now being generated, the quality of the data must always be taken into consideration. For instance, according to Sara Ouakim, open innovation lead, Accenture, “We love to say that we have a representation of our society in the bias in the data, but I actually don’t agree. We do not have the representation of our society. Our data is massively more biased than our society, because our society does not all have equal access to data and data processing and inputs.” So, if you use bad data going in, you’ll end up with bad results coming out.

The future of generative AI

Already, tasks that previously took weeks to finish are now being completed in days as a result of adopting AI tools into our work. And, we are in the infancy stage of AI technology. In the coming months and years we get to witness an always increasing pace of change in technology as new forms of generative AI take shape that may be capable of carrying out tasks and augmenting human skills in many different ways. Ideas that may seem unbelievable to us today will become reality, just as the rise of ChatGPT and other tools seemed unbelievable just a few months ago.

Click below to watch and listen to the replay.

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