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Morning Coffee and AI – A day in an artist’s life

In their blog post, the digital artist, Elisabeth Boesselmann explores the transformative power of AI in their creative process, highlighting how it enhances and simplifies their daily work. They enthusiastically embrace AI tools to augment their artistic abilities and optimize their workflow, unlocking new possibilities and boosting productivity.
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My working day used to always start the same – with a morning coffee and a drowsy look into my mailbox. However, over half a year ago this routine changed. All of a sudden, AI became a big topic not only for me, but also for many more enthusiasts. The mailbox took a back-seat, and I ended up sipping my morning coffee while browsing the web and our company’s internal AI community.

Catching fire

When I first stumbled over this topic, I found it interesting, but soon my thoughts progressed from ‘Wow! Amazing! I want to try this!’ to ‘What can it do for me? and How can I integrate it into my life as an Artist?’ Obviously, I was not the only one who started asking these questions. People worldwide are jumping on the AI train, helping to develop and improve the many different AI programs. And most importantly, they shared their knowledge! Names like “Nerdy Rodent” or “AIterpreneur” are well known within the AI community, and their guidance and research of the most recent AI topics helped me and many other enthusiasts gain knowledge and get started on tiny projects. With their tutorials, I managed to run Stable Diffusion on my machine. It cost me a lot of tears, swear words, and more coffee. I watched a lot of video tutorials, but finally, everything was set up, and I started to create my first images. Oh boy, I was lit (and still am)!

I was so excited, I could’nt stop myself and created a beautiful mind map with all my dreams packed inside – starting with images for mood boards, to using AI for animations, and 3D asset generation and last but not least, planning for someday: using AI on a holodeck!

Expanding creativity

AI can be a fantastic source of inspiration. While some claim that AI could kill creativity, I believe it can expand and support human creativity!

In the current state, AI can only show and combine, what it has learned, and what AI learns is based on elements already created. Furthermore, AI relies on input. If a Diffusion Model or a chatbot gets no information, it will do nothing. However, as soon as it receives an external input (for most AIs, the input is text-based), or if I bring an idea into it, it will start with production, follow my commands and bring my ideas to life.

Humans can be creative independently without outside influence; and no computer assistance. But bringing a significant amount of creative ideas to a piece of paper (or monitor) quickly is a difficult challenge. With Artificial Intelligence, a vague notion summarized in a few words can create amazing images within seconds! They can be finished art pieces or used as a base and developed further into stunning artwork.

For me, AI is a valuable helper to realize ideas quickly and helps decide which direction my artwork should take, which I include in my hobbies whenever I need it.

In my free time, I love to draw and paint. Recently I stared at my blank canvas, wondering what to paint next. Sometimes I’m eager to start the next project, full of ideas but hesitant to make a clear decision. Therefore, I consult Stable Diffusion, explore ideas, and ask AI to bring them to life. Long story short, my next piece of art will be a pirate-cat based on an AI-generated template.

AI in an Artist’s Life

Of course, Artificial Intelligence is not only a nerdy morning ritual of mine; it’s become a part of my daily work. The possibilities to use AI in creative and logic-based processes are growing daily. Here is an example:

I remember the day I talked with a colleague repeatedly about an image that required changing because the client was dissatisfied with the available options. It would take time and nerves to find new pictures, integrate them into the current composition, and retouch them so the changes fit visually. I immediately asked myself, wouldn’t it be faster if I used the in-paint function of AI rather than doing all the manual and time-consuming steps in a photo editor? To challenge myself, I took my colleagues’ images, masked the targeted area, played around to find the perfect text prompt, and created an adequate replacement. And all of this within 30 Minutes!

If we are brave enough, we can do the same with textures, 3D assets, movie sequences, and so on. Remember – ask ChatGPT for the support!

Chit Chat with ChatGPT

When I first heard about ChatGPT, I was a bit skeptical. Did I really need a chatbot to enrich my life? Well, the answer is: “Not necessarily, but yes!” ChatGPT can help to find answers to logical and technical questions within a few seconds. Web browsing costs time to find the articles or forum entries where the desired information lives. Ask ChatGPT precisely for the information you want, and it will give you a compact summary of your topic within a few seconds.

Recently I took my first baby steps in a new language called Python. Well, I know the basics of programming and am aware of its logic, but I still have a lot to learn when it comes to writing exact code. Luckily I can ask ChatGPT for help, which is sometimes more helpful than searching the web. ChatGPT provides answers fast, while forums will take their time to respond.

Back to my coffee

These are only a few examples of use-cases in the wonderful world of Artificial Intelligence. If we are brave enough to use its potential and show good intentions in our creations, AI can enrich our lives and support our creativity like a great friend! The last words in this article I will leave to ChatGPT, and for the first time in my life, I will quote an Artificial Intelligence:

“In the realm of art, artificial intelligence shines as a captivating ally, igniting inspiration, and leaving us marveling at the endless possibilities that lie ahead, filling our hearts with joy and excitement for the artistic wonders yet to come.” – ChatGPT

Please note, generative AI was used to support the creation of the imagery used in this article.

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