August 1, 2019

From BIM to Marketing: PART 4 – Creation of Materials and Ambiances

From BIM to Marketing: PART 4 – Creation of materials and ambiances…
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Building Interior


From BIM to Marketing: PART 4 – Creation of materials and ambiances

In the last episode you learned how to automate the preparation of your model for marketing purposes. Before turning it into an interactive experience, you have to create everything for staging the experience – the decor so to speak. The Marketing Content Artist role gives you access to all the applications you need to create a lifelike environment for your product:

Building Interior

The building looks nice, but empty. It lacks furniture and colors.


We create all the furniture with Generative Shape Design, which is a modeling application available in the Interior Designer role.

Thanks to the Marketing Content Artist role, you have all the tools to create an experience with a realistic, beautiful and immersive environment

We will see in the next month’s article how to use the Marketing Experience Artist role to create:

  • an immersive and collaborative interactive experience
  • a high quality video​​​​​​​

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