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Empowering Vietnam’s Next Gen Engineers with SOLIDWORKS

Vietnam’s manufacturing sector has successfully ascended into global supply chains,
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SOLIDWORKS education partner, INNOVE, signed MoUs with RMIT Vietnam and FPT Polytechnic during the SOLIDWORKS Innovation Day 2019 media launch in Ho Chi Minh City

Vietnam’s manufacturing sector has successfully ascended into global supply chains, achieving remarkable growth for the economy in the past decade. But in the years ahead, disruptive technologies brought about by the onset of Industry 4.0 will present significant challenges for Vietnam.

However, adoption of technologies alone cannot solve the challenges. Simply buying software or hardware will not work without the digital transformation that needs to effected throughout the manufacturing sector to maintain Vietnam’s competitive edge as global supply chains transition to the digital factory model.

And it is people who are at the heart of digital transformation. Building a strong, digitally-empowered Vietnamese workforce is critical for Vietnam to join the frontiers of Industry 4.0, for the “Made in Vietnam” label to be shifted to “Researched and Developed in Vietnam”.

It all starts with STEM education reform. Vietnam’s next gen engineers need to be empowered with in-depth skills and knowledge of the right type of software to operate the new digital factory model of Industry 4.0.

For this reason, the SOLIDWORKS team facilitated two Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signings by education partner, INNOVE Technology Development Ltd (INNOVE) in Vietnam during the SOLIDWORKS Innovation Day 2019 media launch in Ho Chi Minh City on 26 September 2018.

The first is with RMIT Vietnam to deliver SOLIDWORKS Education software to support the university’s new engineering curriculum and establish RMIT as a SOLIDWORKS Certification Provider in Vietnam.

The second is with FPT Polytechnic for the setup of an FPT SOLIDWORKS Training Centre in Vietnam.

The Digital Factory is the New Paradigm for Manufacturing

Professor Eric Dimla of RMIT Vietnam speaks about the “Industrial Internet” and the new digital factory model

During our media launch, Professor Eric Dimla, Head of School of Science and Technology at RMIT Vietnam, highlighted that the “Industrial Internet” is radically shaking the foundations of manufacturing, yielding to the digital factory model as the new paradigm for structuring, planning, and executing manufacturing processes.

So what is a digital factory? It is a virtual or “shadow” factory replicating real production systems geometrically and kinematically. It allows implementation of new manufacturing processes that would be too expensive or even impossible without simulation-based solutions.

The future digital factory will be run by flexible automation technology where machines will take over all assembly and production tasks for greater efficiency and productivity. What is needed from the human operators are programming, simulation and predictive analysis skills to monitor factory performance as it happens, to virtually pre-test new innovations and make improvements quickly where needed.

SOLIDWORKS is the software making the digital factory revolution possible. Its digital 3D design and mock-up interface enables conceptualization and validation of product innovations. Its strong simulation capability enables predictive analysis of a digital factory assembly’s real-world physical behaviour by virtually testing CAD models.

SOLIDWORKS 2019 has been enhanced for factory assembly editing capabilities.  Reference geometry, like planes and axis are accessible. Changes can be made to how a component is assembled.

Watch this video to learn more:

The Need for Genuine SOLIDWORKS Training Certification

Genuine certification in digital factory software will be necessary for Vietnamese manufacturers to sustain their ascend into global supply chains

This takes me to my next topic of genuine SOLIDWORKS training certification. The new digital factory model of Industry 4.0 will be a globalized model. The “Industrial Internet” has enabled unprecedented global connectivity amongst supply chains and networks. For Vietnamese manufacturers to sustain their ascend into global supply chains, they need to have the governance systems in place to build confidence, credibility and trust with global partners. This necessitates not just adoption of genuine software, but offering of recognised skills certifications in digital factory software like SOLIDWORKS.

Therefore, industry employers in Vietnam will be looking for skilled students and individuals certified in SOLIDWORKS solutions to build up a digitally capable workforce able to operate the new digital factory model of Industry 4.0.

In addition, academic institutions as well as other recognized training organizations will need to include genuine SOLIDWORKS certification to increase their students’ employability as Vietnam looks to transition into an advanced industrialized economy.

The SOLIDWORKS certification is a comprehensive training curriculum, comprising 16 user certifications, aimed to ensure the students’ skills relevant for the new digital economy and to facilitate a smooth school-to-work transition. SOLIDWORKS certification preparation raises students’ conceptual understanding of the technology and provides them with an ongoing source of information, networking, and career development. Even after completing the certification, the training/study materials can be a great technical reference to aid the students in their future jobs.

Now is the time to skill up for an industrialized economy

Empowering Vietnam’s next gen engineers with the skills for an industrialized economy

Is it now the right time for Vietnam’s engineers to skill up for an advanced industrial economy? Absolutely. Vietnam’s economy is changing fast. Low cost, low-skilled jobs will be fast replaced by automation. If Vietnam wants to be ahead of the curve, it has to act now to improve the skills of its engineering workforce.

It is through SOLIDWORKS training and certification that will ensure the global supply chain that Vietnam’s engineering workforce is truly ready to operate the new digital factory model of Industry 4.0.

This media briefing is a curtain-raiser to the upcoming SOLIDWORKS Innovation Day 2019 events in Vietnam which will gather together industry thought leaders and SOLIDWORKS customers to discuss key trends shaping the future of manufacturing, design and engineering. Register to attend on the links below:

VAR Dates & City Event Website

Solid & Soft 3 Oct – Dong Nai

4 Oct – Long An

5 Oct – Binh Duong Solid & Soft Innovation Day

TD&T 6 Oct – Ho Chi Minh Tan Duc TD&T SOLIDWORKS Innovation Day

Vihoth 12 Oct – Ho Chi Minh

27 Oct – Hanoi Vihoth SOLIDWORKS Innovation Day

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