SustainabilityMay 22, 2019

Propel your business into the sustainable economy

Sustainability has always been an attribute of good business. Companies have long…
Avatar Terrence Drula

Sustainability has always been an attribute of good business.

Companies have long looked to deliver products and services that customers wanted, that make life better and add value for individuals and communities. Expanding and improving those offerings with new technologies, streamlined processes and exciting experiences kept companies viable as they attracted consumers and their businesses grew.

Over time, the meaning of company sustainability has evolved. Considerations for environmental awareness, reduced waste and materials recycling came to the forefront. Growing knowledge and concerns about the impacts of rising population, replacing infrastructure, limited natural resources and climate change are fueling discussions. Now the concepts around a sustainable business economy are about more than maintaining individual companies – they encompass concerns for the vitality and future of our world and how we live and work.

This evolution is not about any one industry. Businesses across a wide ecosystem –manufacturing, construction, transportation, energy, IT, health and life sciences, retailing and more – are continually experiencing unprecedented disruption and uncertainty. Small startups find innovative solutions that quickly propel them to leadership positions, disrupting the market and forcing established corporations to leverage their size and resources to keep and grow their standing.

In the 21st century, we find ourselves in the midst of an Industry Renaissance. Companies are continually shifting their ways of doing business, adapting in a rapidly changing world and looking to capitalize on the knowledge and know-how of their workforce to handle the change and remain competitive and profitable, not only to survive, but to thrive.

How will your company adapt?

The Financial Times in association with Dassault Systèmes is hosting an invitation-only interactive business workshop for senior executives and thought leaders to address the question “What does it take to deliver a sustainable business?” The event on July 1-2, 2019 at Illuminate @ Science Museum in the heart of London will examine how companies can transform macro principles into concrete actions. Attendees will look at how to create sustainable business models that foster agility, speed innovation for the next generation of products and services, and encourage and capture the knowledge and know-how of their workforce (including their retiring employees).

Check out the agenda for each day! Day 1 is by invitation only; email us to request your personal invitation today.  You can request a seat for Day 2 (July 2) by clicking here.

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