SustainabilityOctober 21, 2020

Making a Difference…by helping the wheelchair bound explore nature

Last year, we launched a video series called Making a Difference. Through…
Avatar Alyssa Ross

Last year, we launched a video series called Making a Difference. Through eight videos, we shared the inspiring stories of sustainability pioneers who have made it their mission through their work to improve the world around them. We are pleased to continue this series, starting with Christian Bagg of Bowhead Corp.

Bagg had always been adventurous, eager to explore the outdoors in any way possible. It was pursuing this love that changed his life forever. At age 20, Bagg broke his back while snowboarding, resulting in him being paralyzed from the waist down. Not wanting this to prevent him from getting back into nature, he applied his background as a machinist to design and build adaptive equipment for himself. After a while, he realized he could help others in similar situations, and in 2018 – more than two decades after his accident – he founded Bowhead Corp. Now his company is building specialized bikes that allow people confiined to wheelchairs to traverse rough terrains, climb mountains and go where they’d like. It’s Bagg’s firm belief that “everyone belongs outside” and thanks to his passion, he’s enpowering more people are able to get out there.

Discover Bagg’s story in our video below, and learn more about our other sustainablity pioneers here.

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