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Learn to lead the charge for business sustainability

To achieve a more sustainable world requires more sustainable businesses. With their…
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To achieve a more sustainable world requires more sustainable businesses. With their financial resources, quality of people and global reach, companies uniting together offers our best chance of building a better world at speed. Now is the time for action. But what are the actions you should take? How do you integrate sustainability into your business? How do you become a leader in sustainable business practices?

Helping organizations find answers to these questions is the driving force behind our virtual event, Leaders in business sustainability.

The need for business sustainability is greater than ever: in a survey of more than 1,000 business leaders in the UK and the Netherlands, 65% said the pandemic provided the catalyst to reshape their organization in a more sustainable way, making rethinking and prioritizing resilience a major business objective.

From June 8-10, event attendees will hear stories from companies who are already sustainably transforming their business models, products, and people. Participants are sure to be inspired by actionable ideas to drive positive change in their own businesses, communities and societies.

What do we mean by sustainable business? There are two main principles. First, it’s about risk mitigation: reducing your organization’s impact on society and the environment, Second, it’s about opportunity: employing environmental, social and governance (ESG) systems to help you gain an edge on your competitors.

We believe there are three pillars that make a business sustainable:

  1. Sustainable business models to foster agility
  2. Sustainable products with speed to innovation
  3. Sustainable people and building the workforce of the future

This event is designed to educate, inspire and support you as you take concrete steps to be a leader in business sustainability. You’ll specifically discover the role virtual twins can play in your path to sustainability. These virtual representations serve as a real-time digital counterpart of a physical object or process. But they are much more than a 3D model on a computer. Alan Prior, vice president of industry consulting at Dassault Systèmes, notes:

“We describe the virtual twin as not only the representation of something physical but also the ideas that led to that product being created, the concepts explored, the decisions made, the requirements set out. And then how it gets produced, distributed and sold and its behaviors when it gets used, maybe even the feedback from the consumers. So the virtual twin exists in parallel with the physical product. It’s so much richer than simply a digital copy because it has the life cycle, history and legacy.”

For further inspiration on why you should attend our virtual event, watch the video below and read a 4-part series on Leaders in business sustainability by Raconteur developed in conjunction with the event:

  • Part 1: Long-term sustainable success relies on business transformation
  • Part 2: The value and impact of virtual twins
  • Part 3: Creating value from sustainable technology
  • Part 4: Taking the lead in business sustainability

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