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Science innovation leads manufacturing to higher sustainability

Dassault Systemes’ Science in the Age of Experience online EPISODE 3: SCIENCE…
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Dassault Systemes’ Science in the Age of Experience online


Science in the Age of Experience in 2020 is a series of four episodes over five weeks, highlighting scientific innovations in life sciences, sustainable manufacturing and making cities sustainable. Leading scientific minds from around the globe join us virtually online for presentations of their work, LIVE roundtable discussions at the conclusion of each episode, and interactive Q&A sessions.

Each episode will last 2 hours, and begin at convenient times to accommodate multiple time zones and facilitate LIVE interaction with our audience. Our goal is to build a global scientific community and help you build a network among your peers.

We will hear first from David Clark, Vice President for Sustainability and leader of global sustainability at Amcor. He works closely with the global packaging company’s research and development and innovation functions to integrate sustainable design into its product development. David is active in Amcor’s global sustainability partnerships with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Ocean Conservancy, and others.

David Clark, Amcor VP for sustainability

Packaging serves many important uses, but plastic waste is a serious environmental issue. Solving plastic waste will require product re-design, infrastructure for collection and recycling, and consumer participation. Amcor is using Dassault Systèmes modeling and simulation technology to enable the circular economy, so that 100% of Amcor’s product line can be made with recycled plastic.

Next, we will join with Sebastien Flichy of VEOLIA, a leader in environmental solutions that provides a comprehensive range of waste, water and energy management services designed to build the circular economy and preserve scarce raw materials. VEOLIA works with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

Sebastien Flichy, Innovation, waste processing, VEOLIA

Recycling is key to a sustainable world, but the challenges and obstacles are to make it economically viable and sustainable, engaging stakeholders, and using science to help the process. Sebastien is in charge of innovation and waste processing for a circular economy. VEOLIA is trying to establish a global market for secondary materials – no more virgin plastic when new products are being created.

Dr. Byron Pipes, Indiana Center of Excellence for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation

Dr. Byron Pipes will briefly join us to introduce the next presenter. Dr. Pipes has developed an exemplary model to bring together corporate, academic and government sectors for research and education in the field of composite materials. He currently leads the Indiana Center of Excellence of the U.S. Department of Energy Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation.

Dr. Pipes will introduce our next distinguished presenter, Dr. Guru Madhavan, the Norman R. Augustine Senior Scholar and Senior Director of Programs of the National Academy of Engineering.

Dr. Guru Madhavan, National Academy of Engineering

A systems engineer by background, Dr. Madhavan leads activities covering broad scope and complexity, focused on engineering practice, education, research, communication and policies. His work at the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine included analyses for making prescription medicines affordable, developing U.S. strategy for cancer control, directing a global health forum on infectious diseases, and conducting research, design, and development of a systems analysis platform for prioritizing new vaccines and related interventions.

Dr. Madhavan will present the FOCUS Initiative – Forum on Complex Unifiable Systems – a new National Academy of Engineering program started in 2020. Dassault Systèmes is a sponsor for the program that was coordinated and launched by Dr. Pipes.

FOCUS is a gathering point of experts to discuss and brainstorm on wider problems, tackling complexity in a deliberate, planned, and scientific way, and breaking down the barriers to bring ideas into alignment to achieve goals.

Our final speaker for the day will introduce the new world of supersonic planes. It is the successor to the Concorde, but with a clear stake in sustainability.

Raymond Russell, Boom Supersonic

Raymond Russell is head of sustainability and environmental initiatives at Boom Supersonic. He leads environmental policy efforts and manages Boom’s contributions to international aviation policy making at ICAO committee on Aviation Environmental Protection. He also develops Boom’s alternative fuels program, managing research and partnerships.

Boom Supersonic is a startup based in Centennial, Colorado, and on a mission to bring back commercial supersonic flight. Its Mach-2.2 airliner called Overture would be the world’s fastest civil aircraft. A sub-scale prototype, the XB-1, is set to take flight next year, the first independently developed supersonic jet in history.

EPISODE 3 will finish with an interactive Question & Answer session and roundtable discussion including David, Sebastien, Guru, and Raymond.

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