ScienceOctober 4, 2019

Science in the Age of Experience: Powering Sustainable Innovation

The impacts of scientific and technology discoveries are not limited to the…
Avatar Terrence Drula

The impacts of scientific and technology discoveries are not limited to the domains of science. Their effects can make powerful ripples across industries and markets around the world. Consider all that emerged from the US space program, for example: camera phones, scratch resistant lenses, CAT scans and radiography, LEDs, athletic shoes, memory foam and more (per the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) website of the California Institute of Technology).

Today we continue to draw on multiple branches of science—mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, geology—collaborating to discover the most innovative, sustainable solutions.

Exploring Virtual Universes

At Dassault Systèmes’ Science in the Age of Experience event for 2019, leaders of the scientific community will examine the many ways science uses virtual universes to invent a new world and explore how companies are reshaping their businesses. The event focuses on three interconnected themes posed by the Age of Experience to meet scientific challenges and opportunities head on:

Science in Engineering: Product Innovation—how technologies like artificial intelligence and physics-based modeling accelerate product innovation

Science in Life: Better Living—how science is revolutionizing health and prosperity for a better world

Science in Nature: Sustainable Planet—with digital discoveries helping embrace a circular sustainable economy and reap the benefits of a connected world

Patrick Johnson, Dassault Systèmes’ Vice President, R&D, Research & Technology Strategy, talks about the event and its vision grounded in research and applied science to address the world’s challenges with a sustainable, holistic scientific and business approach.

Learn More at Science in the Age of Experience

Want to learn more? We will be discussing all this and more at Science in the Age of Experience, October 14 -15 in Boston, Massachusetts. Check the event website, and stay tuned on social media for complete coverage.

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