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Imagine, Engineer and Experience Cyber-Physical Systems

Products are becoming more and more complex as the needs of the…
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Products are becoming more and more complex as the needs of the consumer also grows exponentially, be it automobiles, aircrafts, cell phones, entertainment or even medical devices. Major factor contributing to this complexity is the usage of software and electronics in design of the product. In addition, the new concepts like autonomous vehicles, connected cars, smart homes, remote robotic surgeries will only add to the existing complexity.

Traditional way of thinking, designing, producing and consuming is changing. The world is evolving from a mono-disciplinary to a multi-disciplinary engineering world, producing smarter and connected products, and complex systems. Many industries face challenges related to their engineering processes, and seek means to produce systems that have reliable and positive outcomes on the environment. Addressing these challenges requires companies to use Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) as a Systems approach to developing solutions that consider the complexity of industry-related policies, economics and technologies. Then, the role of people developing and mastering this discipline will become critical. Engineers will become more and more challenged by matters of modular systems under all cross-domain aspects. MBSE is the formalized application of modeling to support system requirements, design, analysis, verification and validation activities beginning in the conceptual design phase and continuing throughout development and later lifecycle phases.

THE 3DEXPERIENCE PLATFORM FOR SYSTEMS ENGINEERING from Dassault Systèmes delivers a unique and innovative Model Based Systems Engineering development platform. It provides an integrated and powerful set of discipline-specific capabilities to accelerate the development and validation of the most complex products and their embedded systems. Through an open, extensible & integrated system engineering environment that shares a common and consistent set of systems models it transforms the systems development process by integrating all engineering disciplines.

At Dassault Systèmes, we are convinced that the future is about people, that the only progress is human. In order to create a more sustainable world, people need to be empowered with knowledge and know how. Technologies are reshaping the world of work. Jobs are being transformed and new jobs requiring new skills are emerging. Dassault Systèmes, as a strategic transformation partner for many industrial customers, plays a unique role in this jobs transformation.

KPIT Sparkle – An innovation platform for aspiring engineers to bring their ideas to life.

A multidisciplinary next generation/innovation platform, KPIT Sparkle is a unique space for aspiring engineers to fearlessly innovate, discover and bring their entrepreneurial dreams to life. KPIT Sparkle’s systematic ecosystem wonderfully connects budding technology entrepreneurs and incubation centres, giving rise to opportunities and indigenous solutions.

In its seventh edition, India’s biggest innovation platform, KPIT Sparkle, centres around the theme of mobility and energy for the future. It is a subject that rightfully encourages students to work towards sustainable innovations and a green future/technology. Due to Covid-19, the last two years have seen digital technology taking the front seat and shifting the way the world functions. Whether organisations or individuals, everyone has seen an accelerated use of digital technology for enhancing productivity and making jobs more convenient. This has helped everyone progress with ease, besides increasing the efficiency of work.

KPIT Sparkle and Dassault Systemes Partnership – Maximizing productivity and delivering ‘first-time-right’ physical prototypes with Virtual Twins

Understanding the necessity of digital assistance, KPIT Sparkle strongly believes in providing the perfect guidance so that intellectual brilliance and innovative thinking can be nurtured. Hence their collaboration with Dassault Systemes is here to offer students a medium through which their transition from idea to virtual prototyping and then finally physical modelling is attained with ease. Dassault Systemes is a game-changer in the world of 3DEXPERIENCE and innovation. Giving optimum support for people with virtual universes, the software giant will help participants experience modulation and simulation.

As we move through the pandemic, creating physical models is an understandable hassle. Hence, KPIT Sparkle’s partnership with Dassault Systemes will give the teams a chance to explore virtual modelling multiple times. This way, students can experiment with their virtual prototypes and check the various components using different calculations. This will thereby maximize their productivity and help them attain perfection in the quality of their final physical model. Without investing a huge sum of money, teams can directly refine and manufacture their final model. It will not only elevate their confidence but also save them time.

Additionally, this year, the KPIT Sparkle platform with Dassault Systemes will ensure deserving projects receive a free license. The 3DEXPERIENCE company will provide academic licenses for participating teams whose innovations, according to them, have the power to bring a technological difference. A bundle of opportunities where students are bestowed with the finest of guidance, KPIT Sparkle is a platform where innovative ideas can be realized and students are offered a brilliant stage to enter the innovation world.

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