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How To Make Manufacturing Sustainability A Strategic Priority

Sustainability has become a strategic priority in the manufacturing industry.  Customers will…
Avatar Amber Nocella

Sustainability has become a strategic priority in the manufacturing industry.  Customers will no longer accept companies who do not align their strategy with the global health of the planet. With technology today, companies can use data to not only be sustainable in the final product creation, but also in the entire product development and manufacturing process. While the world is moving in the direction of environmentally conscious expectations, adopting sustainable practices is also in the best interest of businesses as well as the world. With the vast amounts of data available to manufacturing companies from the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), the future of manufacturing holds unlimited potential. By putting this data into action, companies improve the way products are designed and manufactured.

The digital twin is one of the smartest ways to be sustainable. By digitizing your manufacturing process, both time and money are saved, along with eliminating unnecessary waste from physical prototypes.  By creating a virtual, realistic product, making changes from the design to the material can be done in seconds through simulation. The digital twin allows companies to create their perfect products in the most sustainable way possible. The enhanced level of collaboration made possible by the integration of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform allows for inefficiencies and redundancies to be realized by the team as a whole in real-time. The future is powered by digital transformation and with the platform, each stage is improved from design all the way to product rollout.

Different industries have different needs, and maximizing the power of data in action offers solutions to manufacturers across industries. Sustainable Manufacturing is a critical topic for the industrial world that affects all industries. The CEO of Dassault Systemes’ DELMIA brand, Guillaume Vendroux, put it into perspective with “There is no planet B, sustainable manufacturing is not an option.” Sustainability does not mean sacrificing any aspect of your business processes, rather improve and innovate them as the world changes. With the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, companies can collaborate, share and make, optimize carbon footprints, produce efficiently and be profitable.

Download the e-book, Sustainable Manufacturing: A Guide to Transformation to discover how industries are manufacturing with a sustainable mindset and practices.

Want to learn more? Watch the webinar, Sustainable Manufacturing in the Age of Experience, to gain insights from two experts, Guillaume Vendroux and the CEO of Dassault Systemes’ NETVIBES brand, Morgan Zimmermann, on the journey to sustainable manufacturing. Learn more about harnessing the immense power of data in action and read Put Manufacturing Data into Action by transforming your operations.

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