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Game-changing strategy for smart manufacturers

The Vietnam Investment Review, one of Vietnam’s leading economics and business newspapers,…
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The Vietnam Investment Review, one of Vietnam’s leading economics and business newspapers, published an article by Thomas Tong, Dassault Systèmes’ Senior Partner Success Manager for AP South, on the game-changing strategies for Vietnamese manufacturers looking to enhance their global competitiveness as modern manufacturing transform amid advances in technology. 

We bring you an excerpt from the article as follows. You can read the full article here.

Impact of digitalisation on modern manufacturing 

Digitalisation is enabling a reinvention of manufacturing. It is a core component of a new industry renaissance – the merger of automation, the Internet of Things (IoT), AI, business processes, big data, and cloud computing. It is shaping how manufacturers innovate and respond to customer demands. Manufacturers that embrace digitalisation can transform from a traditional mass production model to mass personalisation.

Smarter methods

Smart and creative manufacturers drive value for their customers, suppliers and employees. Manufacturers maximise value creation when they have end-to-end connectivity from product ideation to ownership. True end-to-end visibility requires digital continuity. This is when everyone and every system across the organisation receives “singular or the exact same information”.

The human touch

Analytics, AI and automation tools are going to provide plant workers with more autonomy and actionable insights. As manual tasks are automated, workers will be freed to focus on more value-creating activities.

The digital transformation opens the doors to creativity. Employees have the tools and information they need to be more engaged and drive bottom-line results.

More agile to meet customer demands

To remain competitive, manufacturers will need to adopt at least some form of digitalisation and transform. Leaders will differentiate themselves with innovative products, improved productivity, and exceptional services. Ultimately, they will be more agile and able to meet customer demands for customised on-demand products.

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