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Personalizing Music with 3DEXPERIENCE

July 31 is Uncommon Musical Instrument Awareness Day, a day to celebrate…
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July 31 is Uncommon Musical Instrument Awareness Day, a day to celebrate odd, rare, experimental and uncommon musical instruments.  Please enjoy the story below Personalizing Music with 3DEXPERIENCE, which first appeared in 3D Perspectives.


Musicians strive to be not only the best they can, but to have a unique sound. Syos is an emerging musical company that strives to make this dream come true for saxophonists by offering these musicians the highest level of customization possible to shape their own sound: custom mouthpieces.  Better yet: because they manufacture via 3D printing they can provide a high degree of personalization for a reasonable price – something that was previously only possible through costly hand-made production.

Syos was founded by two acoustics researchers who studied both the physics of wind instruments and auditory perception. They have put the musician at the heart of the design process by creating an algorithm that translates a musician’s words for describing their dream sound into an instrument geometry that will deliver that specific sound. Instead of mass-producing standardized instruments, Syos uses this data to quickly 3D print unique mouthpieces that meet the expectations of each saxophonist.

The project was launched in 2014 and the company was created in 2016. The Syos team has won multiple prizes and grants, and famous saxophone players have already adopted their products.  Check out some of the artists using their mouthpieces!

The 3DEXPERIENCE Lab is proud to help advance Syos’s vision by providing them with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and Dassault Systèmes mentors.  Specifically, support comes through:

  • Helping Syos industrialize the overall product development process in a single, integrated platform from the early design stage up to manufacturing and delivery stage
  • Automating and optimizing the knowledge-driven parametric design approach
  • Simulating and predicting the behavior of the mouthpieces and their related materials before manufacturing them

Learn more about how 3D printing technology enables Syos to manufacture innovative geometries, while also having great control of the product with predictable output quality.

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