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Smart Homes For Smarter Living

by Asha Sumputh for Dassault Systèmes   Two more days to go…
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by Asha Sumputh for Dassault Systèmes


Two more days to go before curtains fall on Milan Design Week 2018. Dassault Systèmes continues to proudly present another successful edition of Design in the Age of Experience.  The feedback from the architects, designers and design-lovers joining us at SuperStudio Piu since the beginning of the five-day conference dedicated to Design for Life has been exceedingly positive!  (Missed our recaps?  Check out what you missed on day 1, day 2 and day 3!)

Design in the Age of Experience today featured exciting presentations around the theme of Dwelling in a Sustainable World. The home was center stage for two sessions: Connected Home and Home Design.

Dwelling in a Sustainable World

Helping people live better, smarter and healthier – that is Smarter Living, and it’s the next big thing!  From construction, design and energy efficiency, modern are becoming smarter. Designers and architects are seamlessly integrating innovative, energy efficient technologies and smarter designs in their creations for a healthier and sustainable living.

Connected Home

“Smarter products for smarter living”  was the focal point of Mark Dziersk in the Connected Home session. The Managing Director of Lunar, based in Chicago, questioned how design can be used to disrupt the playing field in products and services.

French designer, Frédéric Jentgen, was next. Jentgen is supporting the industry to create global strategic and ethical design for unique brand stories. Jentgen presented Olfinity – revealed at the CES earlier this year – aiming at improving breathing indoors.

The final talk was from Armen Gharabegian, CEO of Shadecraft, who introduced SUNFLOWER, the world’s first autonomous outdoor living solution. Gharabegian believes that an effective connected system for smarter living is also relevant outdoors.

Home Design

The final session was very informative and interactive. Dodo Arslan, a world-famous Italian Art-Designer, spoke about dream, inspiration and trust.

Last but not least, was circular economy thinking with Joni Steiner from Opendesk: an incredible platform connecting its customers to local makers around the world thereby avoiding mass production and waste.

Before the curtain falls at Design in the Age of Experience, we will hold our final session on Educating in a Sustainable World.

Artist Anilore Banon will take us on a trip to the Moon – something you wont’ want to miss!  It was very exciting to bring you the best of Design in the Age of Experience. Feel free to drop by tomorrow if you are still around in Milan or check out the main highlights on our social media platforms!

Asha Sumputh is an Entrepreneur, TV Journalist and Emcee with a background in Economics and Finance. Graduated from both Cambridge University and Sorbonne University, she started her career as a TV journalist on a French news channel.  @AshaSumputh

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