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WIN Conversations: What does inclusion mean to you?

WIN Conversations invites Dassault Systèmes people to talk openly and informally about their beliefs, career experiences and their views on inclusion and equity.
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As we near the end of a month-long celebration of women here at Dassault Systèmes, we’ll continue all year to keep inclusion and diversity issues in the spotlight.

One of the ways we promote discussions about diversity and inclusion is our Women’s Initiative Network’s WIN Conversations series launched in 2021. Now in its third year, WIN Conversations continues featuring conversations with leaders who share fresh and unique perspectives on inclusion, equality and equity within the workplace.

To that end, WIN recently spoke with Samia Sellam, Group General Counsel, Vice President and Samson Khaou, Executive Vice-President, Asia-Pacific.

To Samia Sellam, inclusion means power. . . power to turn any limiting factor into a strength. Growing up, Samia was inspired by her mother who came from a different country, did not speak the local language and did not have the opportunity to go to school but told her that studying and working hard would be the key to freedom.

Gender inclusion is a concept that transcends mere equality. It’s the notion that all services, opportunities, and establishments are open to all people and that male and female stereotypes do not define societal roles and expectations.

The Definitive Guide to All-Gender Inclusion

“I wanted to be an independent working, successful, free woman,” she said. In the legal profession, women are very well represented, but we have to make sure that as they climb the ladder, the proportion remains equivalent to the general population. Watch her video below to learn how she is achieving her goals in life and at work at Dassault Systèmes.

Samson Khaou is responsible for over 7,300 employees in Asia. As a child, he dreamed of joining the army, until he witnessed the disasters of war which then steered him toward a career as an engineer. Later in life he became inspired by Mother Teresa and her beliefs about giving and her kindness and empathy toward everyone. “For me, inclusion means openess, respect and equality for everyone, said Samson. “I inspire my managers to create teams that are diverse and for everyone on the team to feel valued.” Watch and listen to the video below to hear more.

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