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What Does 2021 Hold for India’s Aerospace, Defense and Space Ecosystem?

Looking Forward to Aero India 2021 — We Hope to See You…
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Looking Forward to Aero India 2021 — We Hope to See You There in Person or Virtually India is firmly poised to become a global leader in aerospace, defense and space innovations, continuing its growth momentum across 2021 to reach a market worth of $70 billion by the end of this decade. The recent indigenous acquisition of 83 Tejas Mark-1A Light Combat aircraft is an important milestone on this journey, emphasizing India’s self-sustaining research, development, manufacturing, and MRO capabilities, aided by emerging digital technologies. Initiatives like Make in India and #AtmaNirbhar will be instrumental in shaping the sector’s future in 2021 and beyond.

“2021 will be a year of reshaping for the aerospace and defense Industry. I see two trends emerging in 2021– Industry consolidation and Digitalization. Of these two trends, Digitalization would be the key trend to watch out for, as this would resonate with every stakeholder in the entire value chain of this industry. This certainly will be a key driver in realizing a thriving Aerospace & Defense ecosystem” commented Ravikiran Pothukuchi, Director, Dassault Systèmes. To lay the foundation for digitalization, meaningful partnerships, and pathbreaking projects like the Tejas LCA, the government has planned the Aero India Show – 2021, a summit for aerospace and defense professionals to obtain market insights and enable the national/international aviation sector to bolster business.

Dassault Systemes will be present at Aero India 2021, booth number A6.6 & A6.8, between February 3rd and 5th to discuss your most pressing issues around “digitalization to realize a thriving aerospace, defense, and space ecosystem.”

If you cannot be there in person, please register for our virtual workshop here to attend remotely. Our experts will meet with attendees to discuss challenges and opportunities for 2021 both at the event and virtually — you can schedule a virtual meeting here.

Addressing India’s Challenges and Opportunities at Aero India 2021

To meet and exceed India’s incredible growth potential, aerospace, defense, and space OEMs and suppliers must overcome key challenges such as increasing program complexity, zero tolerance for production delays, and faster product development cycles. There is also a stringent focus on affordability and innovation, adopting digital transformation as the industry aims for greater agility and increased performance.

Paving the way for indigenous innovations and on-time, on-target delivery in the face of these challenges, we will be presenting the following industry solution experiences at the event.

  1. Achieve program convergence and real-time visibility with Co-design to Target – Over 50% of product development programs miss scheduled delivery dates, primarily due to late-stage issues that could have been prevented in the design phase. Co-Design to Target leverages the 3DEXPERIENCE® Platform to drive program convergence with a real-time view of KPIs across all departments, sites, and suppliers so that OEMs and suppliers can achieve manufacturing excellence. Brazilian aerospace conglomerate, Embraer, pursued bold innovation and enabled cross-pollination of data across aircraft variants by leveraging Co-Design to Target.
  2. Boost efficiency through the digital transformation of product strategy with Program Excellence – As aerospace and defense programs become increasingly more complex, OEMs and suppliers must digitally reimagine product strategies. Program Excellence provides a collaborative business platform for inter-disciplinary collaboration, optimizing product architecture for efficient knowledge capture, reuse, and modularity so that programs are executed on time, on-budget, and on-specifications, capitalizing on process and product know-how.
  3. Remove hurdles to manufacturing project ramp-up with Ready for Rate – OEMs and suppliers face over 30% of errors and waste during production, hindering manufacturing ramp-up capabilities. Ready for Rate implements lean practices that remove waste in critical areas of manufacturing and improves quality by providing stakeholders with connected project views. As a result, organizations can accelerate production, reduce lead and ramp-up times, and harness the full potential of indigenous and global supply chains. was able to introduce rapid customization through real-time multi-site collaboration using Ready for Rate.
  4. Enhance manufacturing operations and plant status control with Build to Operate – Today, the industry is under pressure to increase manufacturing capacity at every plant and meet targets while ensuring worker’s safety, lowering costs, and improving quality. Build to Operate enables real-time views of plant status, making it possible to implement agile production with quality goals. The industry can establish the future factory today – embracing automation, governing all aspects of manufacturing with digital precision, and creating a lean, paperless plant. Airbus Helicopters utilized Build to Operate to ensure that its primary components machining, sub-system assembly, and final assembly lines were ahead of the competition.

We will demonstrate these four industry solution experiences at Aero India 2021. You could also register for our virtual workshop if you are unable to attend in person.

How Do Suppliers Increase Efficiency From Bid To Delivery? – A Hybrid Workshop

Parallel to our in-person booth, our virtual workshop on February 4th, 2021 is designed for aerospace, defense, and space OEMs and suppliers facing market pressures in 2021. The number of companies competing for business is rising, alongside the demand for higher production rates and just-in-time delivery of parts and systems. As a result, supply chains must become more agile, even as companies maximize the available data, information, and industry knowledge to deliver profitable growth.

Our dedicated workshop on increasing efficiency from bid to delivery focuses on the Engineered to Fly industry solution experience – helping companies to integrate their engineering processes from the proposal phase downstream through engineering, manufacturing, and all the way to delivery.

By attending the workshop (in-person or virtually), you will be able to connect the dots across all value streams, drive execution, improve productivity, and grow new businesses. If you are not able to visit our booth (A6.6 & A6.8) at the event, please register here.

Gaining From the Latest Insights and Expert Advice – Meet Our Experts

As India gradually develops the innovation and ecosystem necessary for end-to-end aerospace solutions, industry stakeholders must find targeted and relevant solutions to their most pressing challenges, in order to stay ahead. We have arranged for one-on-one meetings with our experts at Aero India 2021, where you can gain from several decades of industry and technology understanding as well as perspectives informed by experiences working with the world’s leading aerospace, defense, and space organizations. You can meet with them at Aero India 2021 or schedule a virtual meeting here.

We look forward to seeing you at the event, sharing ideas on the future of aerospace, and joining hands to envision India’s remarkable progress towards becoming a premier global aerospace behemoth.

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