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Welcome to the 3DEXPERIENCE Lab Munich: Dassault Systèmes’ fourth lab powering innovation

The 3DEXPERIENCE Lab in Munich is ‘a place for startup acceleration, industry and community exchange and exploring new ways of working.’
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If we nurture the creative power of people, can we transform the world and build a better future?

That’s the ambition behind 3DEXPERIENCE Lab Munich, the fourth startup accelerator opened as part of Dassault Systèmes’ global initiative. Through an incubator and collaboration program, the Lab gives access to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform with its software tools, dedicated mentoring and training, access to an onsite FabLab and event space, to our business network and advanced marketing opportunities. The Munich Lab is located at the 3DEXCITE offices.

“It’s a place for startup acceleration, industry and community exchange, exploring new ways of working, starting new ideas and resonance,” said Fabien Bartel, the Munich Lab’s director. “It’s about creating a space that is fun for people, because that’s the foundation for creativity, which is the foundation of innovation.”

The meeting space at the 3DEXPERIENCE Lab Munich was designed using 3DS solutions HomeByMe and CATIA.

Right at home in Munich

Known for international corporations, leading talent, robust VC support and a strong tech ecosystem, Bartel said Munich — Germany’s second largest startup city – is the perfect setting for what the 3DEXPERIENCE Lab wants to accomplish.

“When we looked into the topic and made the business case, there was the question of whether Munich is the right place in Germany to do it,” Bartel said. “The hotspot for the tech startups we’re interested in, the hotspot for deep tech, is Munich. Munich has quite a vivid scene.”

Across central Europe, the 3DEXPERIENCE Lab found an array of partners and other incubators. There’s the European Space Agency’s Business Incubation Centers, Deutche Messe, Technical University of Munich Venture Lab and Sustainable Aero Lab, just to name a few. Customers, too, enjoy visiting the Lab and are often inspired by what’s happening with the startups, who move quickly, test and iterate, and use the 3DEXPERIENCE platform creatively.

“We want to use this space to host events and workshops for the ecosystem of innovation, including customers, resellers and partners,” said Bartel. “We have this space that is really ideal to bring people together.”

3DEXPERIENCE Lab Munich Director Fabien Bartel

What does the Munich 3DEXPERIENCE Lab offer?  

There are four 3DEXPERIENCE Labs and each has its own flavor. The Boston lab has the largest FabLab and is influenced by SOLIDWORKS, the 3DS brand known for its 3D CAD design software. The lab at 3DS headquarters in Velizy, France, has a tight relationship with management, R&D and mentors. In Pune, India, the lab aims to accelerate and support the startup ecosystem for new frugal innovations. The Munich lab has close ties to 3DEXCITE, which offers immersive marketing solutions for interactive storytelling and data commercialization.

What’s common among all four labs is the goal of supporting startups with two main program: a startup acceleration program and incubator collaboration program. The Munich Lab, in particular, is really pushing forward the collaboration program.

Bartel, who designed the space using 3DS programs HomeByMe and CATIA, set up the Munich Lab to have a large open space, working space, and a FabLab that has 3D printers, laser cutters and other tools startups can use to bring their ideas to life.

Opening the Munich Lab creates opportunities for both startups and Dassault Systèmes employees, who are able to devote up to 10% of their time to mentoring members of the program. Employees can also use the FabLab to realize their own personal projects.

“I want this to be an invitation for employees to be active,” said Bartel, “To show the world our creative power and build our reputation as innovators and thought leaders.”

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