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Towards Sustainable Innovation: Live from Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE Forum 2019, Bengaluru

  As we enter a new chapter in the ongoing industry renaissance,…
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As we enter a new chapter in the ongoing industry renaissance, it is time to turn our focus to what’s now a key concern worldwide: sustainability. It is estimated that by 2030, sustainability will become a USD 12 trillion market (annual) underscoring its role for continued success, profitability, and socially conscious innovation in every sector. This is why the theme of “sustainable innovation” takes center stage at Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE Forum, 2019.

Every year, experts from around the world and luminaries from India’s thriving industrial sector come together at the 3DEXPERIENCE Forum. This year, we are discussing how technology, modernized workforce practices, and domain-specific innovations can further the cause of sustainability.

At the event, we are looking at a three-pronged definition of sustainability — leveraging the latest tools for sustainable innovation, how to build a sustainable business protected from dynamic market movements, and why the two must come together to build a sustainable world. Our esteemed guest and Executive Vice President, Industry Solutions, Field Marketing, Global Affairs, and Communications, Dassault Systèmes, Florence VERZELEN spoke on this: “Sustainability can mean several different things. By being sustainable, you reach your goals and boost efficiency, better redirecting those investments. There’s also a massive sustainability market to win.”

Sparking Off 3DEXPERIENCE Forum 2019: Plenary Sessions

Samson KHAOU, Managing Director India, Dassault Systèmes, set the tone for 3DEXPERIENCE Forum, sharing a glimpse of the past year’s spectacular achievements and key milestones.

To start the day, guests from Larsen & Toubro Hydrocarbon Engineering and CadMakers took the stage, elaborating how the Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC) industry can leverage digital for efficiency gains and why digital twin technology empowered by the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform holds the key to sustainable construction. Javier GLATT, Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder, CadMakers conducted a deep-dive of how a twin “creates, simulates, validates, and retains knowledge” for better outcomes.

The emergence of these technologies also causes a clear shift in skill demand. Gunjan KRISHNA, Commissioner for Industrial Development & Director of Industries and Commerce, Govt. of Karnataka, recommended innovative models for preparing the workforce of the future, like nano-degrees and a stronger focus on gig worker development.

After these introductory sessions from our executive leaders and customer representatives, we handed over the podium to the next generation of innovators — India’s fast-growing startup community. 3DEXPERIENCE Pitch invited startups from around the country to present their ideas in the following segments: electric vehicles, life sciences, and construction, cities & territories. Three companies were shortlisted, and they were at 3DEXPERIENCE Forum to share a deeper understanding of their game-changing products:

  1. Log 9 Materials is an alternative metal-air battery startup that wants to make electric vehicles more commercially viable. Their patented technology uses graphene and aluminum to dramatically cut down the costs and maintenance efforts involved in traditional electric batteries.
  1. is a mental health technology company that leverages Artificial Intelligence to convert a 7-minute video of a patient’s brain scan, into an accurate diagnosis. Mental wellbeing is central to a sustainable society, making this a promising area of development.
  1. Lucid specializes in custom-made medical devices, offering a perfectly tailored and scientifically aligned implant. The company provides the convenience and ease of e-commerce, without compromising on safety or quality.

Following an exciting round of audience voting and inputs from our panel of experts, Log 9 Materials and Lucid won the opportunity to be mentored at our 3DEXPERIENCE Lab in France, taking their ideas to the market faster and with confidence.

Next, Bernard CHARLES, Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Dassault Systèmes detailed his perspectives on why the story is the experience in Industry Renaissance era: “At the core of the experience platform is inclusiveness. The platform revolution is all about connecting people who have never been connected before.” Platforms can break down existing barriers to innovation in conservative sectors — for example, in life sciences. Continuing this theme, Elisa PRISNER, Vice President Business Platform Experience, Dassault Systèmes spoke about the platform as a business model where users can gain enriching experiences, combining knowledge and know-how for more meaningful collaboration.

3DEXPERIENCE Playground: Cutting-Edge Ideas, in Action

The Forum brings more than only conversations and discussions — participants enjoy hands-on demonstrations of how the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform can solve real-world problems and sustainability concerns. Key experiences presented in Bengaluru include:

  • Reinvent the Sky – Innovation in the aerospace sector has traditionally been a complex process, with delays, costly iterations, and regulatory challenges. Our participants explored how technology can help to accelerate the concept-to-certification journey on the Cloud. This included the use of Cloud for customer and supply chain management, reducing costs by 40-60%, shrinking delivery timelines from years to months, and ensuring high fleet availability in the aerospace sector.
Reinvent the Sky Experience Booth
  • Planet Care – While cutting down on carbon footprints and minimizing industrial waste is a long-term process, sustained impact always begins with small proactive steps. Visitors at the Forum witnessed how 3D Technology and Collaborative Intelligence could provide a better future for our planet. This included critical applications in water transportation, waste collection, rain capturing, the reinforcement of cultivable land, addressing medical desertification in growing urban areas, and delivering eco-baskets to urban dwellers for healthy and organic living.
  • Patient Care – Life sciences is another area where technology can drive positive and sustainable outcomes. This includes optimization of therapeutics design & development, new device design approaches, and manufacturing excellence in life sciences, operational excellence for healthcare organizations, and platforms for collaborative innovations that cut down on waste. Participants at the event tested how 3D-backed design, one-platform collaboration, and the resulting digital continuity can reimagine healthcare.

Unlocking New Ideas for Innovation

At Dassault Systèmes, we are committed to enabling the brightest minds in the country to realize their vision for sustainable, successful, and socially responsible business. At 3DEXPERIENCE Forum 2019, we are witnessing breakthrough ideas find fruition, inspired by the latest technologies and advice from some of the world’s leading experts. Stay tuned for more live updates from 3DEXPERIENCE Forum Bengaluru, and join us very soon to know what’s happening in Delhi for 2019.

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