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Mines and Technology Toronto – Join Dassault Systemes to Explore the New Industry Renaissance and the Future of Natural Resources

With mining companies seeking to move beyond point solutions for individual problems…
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With mining companies seeking to move beyond point solutions for individual problems toward digital transformation of entire value chains, Dassault Systèmes invites you to meet with us at Mines and Technology Toronto, October 15 – 17 (booth #C1). We’ll be demonstrating solutions addressing the Industry Renaissance, a societal transformation in which we’re seeing progress and innovation leap forward with the growing availability of virtual worlds and digital platforms, increasing knowledge and know-how.

Fiona Carew, Dassault Systemes

We recently had the chance to catch up with Fiona Carew, director of  Dassault Systèmes’ Natural Resources Industry group to talk about the key industry drivers and what to expect at the event.

Fiona, what is driving innovation in the industry?

  • Simulated reality. As the gap between the real and virtual worlds narrows, more realistic virtual simulation is allowing for a better understanding of how entire value chains are performing. Through this, scenario analysis and evaluations to prove and improve upon ideas before they are deployed is enabled. As an example, a mining company could compare performance with current equipment versus simulated performance with larger or smaller fleets and/or adjustments to routing or new configurations of the processing plant.
  • Global collaboration across the enterprise. From the from the executive suite, to rock face, through the plant, and on to customer delivery, the silos between mining professionals, the domains they work in, and the data they rely on are being broken. Platforms that centralize data and enable cross-functional sharing of ideas and expertise are making this possible as they connect people together regardless of where they are located. With this, new knowledge and know how is being revealed to enable new ways of doing in areas such as risk management. Issues trigger alerts and instantiate governed processes that provide experts with the data and apps they need to drill down to root causes, discuss approaches to resolving them, and then track the progress through to and post resolution.
  • Holistic and real-time optimization of execution. No longer is mining limited to digitizing what happened in the past. Thanks to the world of experience, miners can digitize what is happening now and re-optimize plans and execution as unexpected factors affecting performance occur. An operator can instantly inform a shift supervisor of an equipment issue, who in turn can communicate with a scheduler, who will re-optimize work orders and update production teams with them during the shift. Rather than scrambling to catch up with information that reflects what happens in the past, operations are able to re-adjust faster and smarter by knowing what is happening now.

What are you excited for customers to see at the show?

I hope attendees will participate in an Innovation Group on “Virtual Simulation” at the event. In this session, participants will learn and discuss how transformative virtual twins, simulation and scenario analysis can be applied to improve understanding, planning and execution.

Before attending Mines and Technology, watch this short video to learn more about Dassault Systèmes’ vision for mining.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Dassault Systèmes at Mines & Technology, Toronto CLICK HERE

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