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April is Sustainability Month at Dassault Systèmes

A global data cleanup commitment, local actions led by 3DS Green Teams, new sustainability learnings and more!
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You already know Dassault Systèmes is serious about sustainability. From the compass that guides us to virtual twin experiences that help customers achieve radically new and sustainable products, processes and materials to our LEAP for Sustainability challenge, the company is committed to catalyzing sustainable innovation. This month, we’re also making a positive impact through collective individual actions.

April is the inaugural Sustainability Month at Dassault Systèmes. Organized by the Sustainability Team with expertise of our Internal Communications team, the month’s agenda features local, global and educational opportunities for employees to do our part to act on our individual footprints and protect the planet for future generations.

Reducing our email footprint

The global event is a companywide data clean-up commitment intended to help employees to be more mindful of their email usage. Why email? Emails actually have a big impact on the environment when you consider the amount of energy used to power data centers that store and send emails.

A single, simple email represents about 4g of CO2. If we can take seemingly small actions – like deleting unnecessary emails, compressing attachments, limiting the size of emails, unsubscribing from newsletters we routinely ignore and utilizing our file-sharing service – we can reduce our email footprint and with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform enabling the change.

To that end, the Net Zero Carbon team has identified a full set of tips and tricks to share with Dassault Systèmes employees to better manage data and have a positive impact.  

Local sustainability challenges

At the local level, the 3DS Green Teams network, a global community of employees who want to create a more sustainable future, are spearheading a full set of actions and activities throughout Sustainability Month.

For years now, the Green Teams have volunteered to organize environmentally friendly activities in all of our GEOs, but the coordinated actions this month is a bit of a first. Some of the challenges include BINGO cards in North America, EuroNorth and AP South; garbage cleanups, food donations, battery recycling, a “use your own cup” challenge in South Korea and even “no meat weeks.”

For GEOs and offices that don’t have a local Green Team of their own, there’s a collection of 15 Eco-Tips covering everything from appliance usage to food storage. One of the goals of Sustainability Month is to inspire new Grean Teams and help this network grow.

Speaker series and tracking sustainability results

Two other aspects of Sustainability Month include the speaker series and plans to report on the impact of the collective actions.

On April 20, Kite Insights Founder and CEO Sophie Lambin will join our Chief Sustainability Officer Philippine de T’Serclaes for a fireside chat covering the important role of people in affecting sustainability changes, including our innovative Lifecycle Assessment solution.

At the end of the month, there are plans to count and measure all of the actions from Dassault Systèmes employees around the world, to report back and show how the collective individual actions can have a real positive impact for the future of the planet. The hope is to show the power of people and inspire continued sustainable actions long beyond the month of April.

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