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3DEXPERIENCE Forum 2020 turns the Spotlight on Human-centric Innovation

The year 2020 marks a watershed moment for how we inhabit the…
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The year 2020 marks a watershed moment for how we inhabit the world around us, interact with our surroundings, and plan for a brighter tomorrow while maintaining productivity in the present. The current crisis has raised pertinent questions like:

How can we create an energy-positive world? How can we control our health better in the future? How can virtual worlds change the way we experience emotions? How can we better navigate the future by understanding the past?

Research finds that there is a tectonic shift in our expectations from businesses, service providers, and policy-makers, determining a brand new way forward. For example, a healthy configuration is now the top priority for 69% of automotive consumers ahead of age-old basics like comfort and price. Speaking on the human impact of COVID-19, a recent WEF report highlights psychological stress, information overload, and access to public health essentials.

Dassault Systèmes is recognized as a catalyst and enabler of the industry renaissance, and in the context of today’s global transformation, we are focused on driving progressive change centered on human.

In our journey through the crisis and into the rebound, our ultimate purpose and primary resource are one and the same – the human being. Underscoring this, our flagship event for this year, 3DEXPERIENCE Forum India 2020, centers around the theme of “Experience is Human,” elaborating on our efforts on transitioning from mere tools, fragmented products, or things, towards progress, wellbeing, sustainability, or life.

“Experience is Human”: this big idea leads us to extend our focus from things to life 

Dassault Systèmes has been at the forefront of representing and reimagining experiences since the early 1980s. Our ambition to harmonize product, nature, and life has been the central theme across the years, and in 2020, it finds new and more meaningful expression in the Virtual Twin Experience of Humans.

The Virtual Twin Experience is an intelligent way of representing the world, combining art, science, and technology to test and predict human experiences.

As we evolve from Things to Life, we will strengthen our leadership in Life Sciences, Manufacturing and Infrastructure sectors. The 3DEXPERIENCE Forum 2020 India will examine disruptive ideas and the latest movements in these three sectors – moving from connections to relationships, from making to growing, and from social to human – we also aim to pave new pathways in developing the Workforce of the Future.

Why 3DEXPERIENCE Forum India 2020 Should be on Your Calendar

3DEXPERIENCE Forum is our annual event, bringing together industry luminaries, Dassault Systèmes subject matter experts, renowned business leaders, and emerging disruptive pioneers. This year, the Forum is scheduled for September 8, 2020, from 10 AM to 2 PM IST.  Join us in this live, virtual event to know:

  1. How can Life sciences innovation play a key role for humans in times of crisis? Life Sciences has rapidly emerged as a space of opportunity and imminent need for communities, governments, and organizations around the globe. Innovation in this area can help to not only solve the crisis at hand, but build a future-ready world for the next generations. At the event, we will delve into the role of life sciences innovation for human experience and progress at times of crisis, with insights from Dr. Abhay Jere, Chief Innovation Officer, Ministry of Education, Government of India.
  2. How Manufacturing startups and industry giants are gaining from 3DEXPERIENCE Platform? We have worked with several startups and industry giants on their growth journey in India and across the world. Renee Pasman, Director Integrated Systems, Skunk Works, Lockheed Martin, will discuss how Lockheed Martin is leveraging digital thread to increase affordability, efficiency, and collaboration. Abhishek Burman, Chief Executive Officer, General Aeronautics (A drone Startup), will share his success story on how they are re-inventing the business model and adapting the design and production of drones to address the current situation.
  3. Which strategies can help to prepare the Workforce of the Future for the new normal? As India strives for greater self-sufficiency, strengthening the capabilities of the workforce of the future is key. To explain this in detail, Dr. E. V. Ramana Reddy, IAS, Additional Chief Secretary to Government of Karnataka, will be at 3DEXPERIENCE Forum – speaking on the collaboration between industry, academia, and government for upskilling and reskilling India’s workforce.
  4. How can we empower the workforce in Infrastructure sector? The workforce in agriculture is another vital area for the country. Prof. DN Rao (moderator), Dr. RN Sahoo, IARI – Principal Scientist, and Dr. Ashok Das, Chief Executive Officer, SUN Moksha, will share their views on leveraging imagination, knowledge, and technical know-how to empower India’s farming community.

Solving Today’s Challenges with Human-centric Innovation

2020 has introduced a slew of new challenges for the industry, growing businesses, and at a micro, human level. Deepak NG, Managing Director, India, Dassault Systèmes, will kick off the event with an introductory session on “Business in the Age of Experience,” followed by Bernard Charles, Vice Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Dassault Systèmes, who will explain how we put “Human at the Heart of Innovation,” in greater detail.  Florence Verzelen, Executive Vice President, Dassault Systemes will share her perspective on how the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform can help build a sustainable and resilient business model in the New Normal.

Join us our experts as they discuss industry challenges in today’s ‘New World’ and how businesses can offer unique human experiences to their customers by leveraging the power of virtual worlds. The attendees will also get an opportunity to visit our 3DEXPERIENCE Playground, which will showcase specific technology zones for Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Life Sciences sectors covering Transportation & Mobility, Aerospace & Defense, Construction Cities and Territories & Industries, and with our experts ready to discuss with you on the value of Virtual Twin technologies including Manufacturing Execution Systems (in collaboration with ITC Infotech) showcase focused on MSME sector.

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