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3DEXPERIENCE Forum 2019 Turns the Spotlight on Sustainable Innovation – A Key Lever for the Industry Renaissance

    As we enter the next stage of maturity in digital…
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As we enter the next stage of maturity in digital transformation, it is time to turn our attention to a looming concern for countries across the globe: sustainability. Home to over 1.3 billion people, India is among the largest and fastest-growing economies in the world. However, this rapid pace of development has led to worrisome environmental impacts. According to the World Bank, environmental degradation costs India USD 80 billion every year, and it ranks 155th out of 178 countries in terms of air pollution exposure1.

At Dassault Systèmes, we believe sustainability should be integral to how the industrial sector operates, develops new concepts, and takes products to market. At this stage of the Industry Renaissance, with real and virtual worlds coming together to drive innovation on collaborative platforms, we need to consider the many aspects of sustainability – in terms of both the environment as well as long-term business feasibility. At 3DEXPERIENCE Forum 2019, these ideas take center-stage as we look at new pathways to support India’s large Industrial manufacturers, SMEs and startups to achieve their goals for sustainable business.

Tracing the Evolution of the Industry Renaissance: Glimpses from 2017-18

The 3DEXPERIENCE Forum brings together leading minds from across the industrial sector to push the boundaries and go beyond traditional models. In 2017, we showcased the potential of digital technologies to help India’s burgeoning industrial segment. For 2018, the 3DEXPERIENCE Forum pivoted towards the ongoing Industry Renaissance. “It’s larger than digital technology or automation. It’s about knowledge and know-how. The Industry Renaissance is all about experience. Experience is about connecting the dots,” explained Bernard CHARLÈS, Vice Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer, Dassault Systèmes.

Envisioning a Bright, Sustainable Future: Our Mission Statement this Year

In September 2019, the 3DEXPERIENCE Forum returns to the bustling hubs of Bengaluru and New Delhi. Continuing our commitment to the Industry Renaissance movement, we are taking a positive step for both our business and the environment – towards sustainable innovation. Bernard CHARLÈS outlined this core vision enriching the 3DEXPERIENCE Forum and its intended impacts: “Tomorrow’s game-changers will not be those with the most automated production systems, but those who build a culture of knowledge and know-how to reveal and train the workforce of the future, able to solve the challenges of a planet lacking sustainable solutions.”

Creating New Paths of Sustainability at 3DEXPERIENCE Forum 2019

At Dassault Systèmes, we regularly work with organizations in the transportation & mobility, aerospace & defense, industrial equipment, construction, cities, & territories, and energy & materials segments. In all of these industries, there is an imminent need for sustainability – encouraging green initiatives on the one hand and protecting the business from dynamic market changes on the other.

At 3DEXPERIENCE Forum 2019, we further elaborate these ideas, starting with plenary sessions by Dassault Systèmes’ esteemed executive leadership on the new industry challenges faced by organizations today and our “Sustainable Story” centered on the harmonization of product, nature, and life. They will also discuss how the “Platform as a system of operations & as a business model” is at the heart of a sustainable organization.

Next, we delve deeper into specific industry tracks, highlighting trends and opportunities in:

  • Aerospace and Defense – We share how companies can accelerate innovation, manage costs, improve margins, and achieve faster time-to-market. Our eminent panel of experts will address key trends and challenges in Aerospace & Defense functional domains, share latest trends in aerospace design, discuss their project management experiences, talk about OEM and supplier collaboration and also focus on how startups can forge new pathways  in the age of experience with our ‘Reinvent the Sky’ cloud-based solution
  • Transportation & Mobility – This track looks at emerging capabilities in electric vehicles, the importance of customer experience and mass customization, as well as new ways to stay compliant with quality, regulatory, and cost constraints. Our experts will discuss future of mobility and closely focus on the customer’s perspective on next-generation methodologies for variant management, vehicle assembly, and digital manufacturing.
  • Construction, Cities, & Territories – Here, we explore how experience-modeling and reimagined craftsmanship can optimize business goals while building a sustainable future. Digital Innovation for planning and execution of smart cities, insights on smart architecting, the newest in infrastructure construction engineering and the latest in airport operations management system will be at the forefront of the session.
  • Industrial Equipment and Energy & Materials – This session looks at several critical areas such as capital facility information management systems and fabrication execution systems. Our experts consider how sustainability can be embedded in these segments, while also reflecting on operational excellence for metal processing and mining operations.
  • Workforce of the Future – Industry leaders and Academicians will talk about the importance of training and development for today’s workforce, the impact of digital assets, and the ability to foresee tomorrow’s job marketplace. We will also elaborate on the criticality of employee engagement, gathering interesting startup anecdotes with Industry specific sessions on Aerospace & Defense and Transportation & Mobility wherein experts will discuss their expectations from Academia

Attendees can also witness first-hand how technology can steer these above industries towards sustainable innovation and continued business success. Experiences like “Re-Invent the Sky” (transforming design & development in aerospace), “Planet Care” (inspirational and emotional experiences, potential ideas and solutions, and cities of the future) and “Accelerating Electric Mobility” (digital continuity to optimize product development), “Patient Care” ( Transforming Patient Experience) and “Connected Factory” ( Building the factory of the future) will be showcased at the interactive 3DEXPERIENCE Playground.

Dassault Systèmes firmly believes that Indian startups are key to a sustainable future for the country’s industrial landscape. This is why, at 3DEXPERIENCE Forum 2019, we present “The 3DEXPERIENCE Pitch” where ambitious young companies in the electric vehicle, construction, cities, & territories, and life sciences industries are invited to demonstrate their breakthrough ideas. The best entries will win the opportunity to be mentored by Dassault Systèmes, leveraging our 3DEXPERIENCE Lab to take their ideas from concept to go-to-market.

See You at 3DEXPERIENCE Forum – 10th & 12th of September, 2019

Several organizations have used the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform to actualize their vision for sustainability. For example, the government of Singapore partnered with Dassault Systèmes to create “Virtual Singapore” – a 3D model simulating the city’s response to population growth (and other events), future-proofing urban planning. Renault LCI, also used the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform to enable last-mile delivery of goods via sustainable electric vehicles. We are eager to bring similar innovations to India’s thriving industrial sector. At 3DEXPERIENCE Forum 2019, we address emerging business problems, such as how would you design a sustainable product portfolio? How can organizations action sustainable manufacturing? And finally, how can one empower tomorrow’s workforce?

Join us on the 10th (Bengaluru) and the 12th (New Delhi) of September, where our experts explore these challenges and share insightful ideas on the critical need to intersect “product, nature, and life” in your specific domain. We look forward to seeing you there – register now.

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