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Revolutionizing Product Development: A Guide to Cloud-Based Simulation

Dive into the transformative landscape of engineering design, where simulation and cloud computing converge for unparalleled innovation.
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In our recent episode of “Designing Impactful Innovation,” we welcomed Adriano Gagliardi, SIMULIA strategy senior manager at Dassault Systèmes, and Arvind Krishnan, industry analyst at Lifecycle Insights. Together, we explored the domains of simulation, virtual prototyping and the future of engineering design. Explore key takeaways as we navigate the dynamic intersection of innovation and technology.

Challenges in modern product development

The journey from conceptualizing a product to delivering a tangible, market-ready solution is riddled with challenges. Teams with diverse specializations work on different components, aiming to create a cohesive end product. The key challenge lies in managing risks throughout this intricate process, ensuring cost control and delivering on user expectations.

Simulation: a risk mitigator and innovator

Simulation emerges as a pivotal player in mitigating risks and fostering innovation. Adriano Gagliardi emphasizes the importance of simulation in detecting problems early in the design phase, proposing new design solutions, and providing a profound understanding of product behavior. Simulation is not just a validation tool; it’s a catalyst for exploring and refining design possibilities.

Integrating simulation in the development lifecycle

The podcast advocates for the integration of simulation early in the product development process. Whether in the concept phase, core development, or validation, simulation helps refine designs, reduce reliance on physical prototypes, and accelerates the overall development cycle.

Cloud computing: a catalyst for accessibility

Cloud computing addresses longstanding challenges in simulation, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes. Traditionally, specialized skills and significant hardware investments posed barriers. The advent of cloud technology, exemplified by platforms like 3DEXPERIENCE®, offers on-demand access to high-performance computing, eliminating the need for substantial upfront capital.

Conceptual structural design using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform on the cloud

3DEXPERIENCE: redefining collaboration and automation

Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform on the cloud stands out as a comprehensive solution. It operates on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, providing an all-encompassing package for modeling, simulation, and collaboration. The platform’s MODSIM (Modeling and Simulation) capabilities automate processes, fostering collaboration and streamlining the transition from design to simulation.

Empowering small and medium-sized businesses

While large enterprises often have the resources to handle simulation, startups and smaller businesses face unique challenges. The advice from the experts is clear: leverage your agility. Small and medium-sized businesses are encouraged to embrace simulation early, and programs like 3DEXPERIENCE for Startups provide affordable access to simulation tools and cloud infrastructure.

Embrace the future of design

In conclusion, the marriage of simulation and cloud-based technology heralds a new era for design possibilities. It’s a revolution that empowers businesses to innovate, reduce risks, and accelerate the product development journey. Whether you’re a seasoned industry player or a startup with a vision, cloud-based simulation is the compass pointing to the future of design.

As we navigate this transformative landscape, the message is clear: simulate more, simulate earlier, and explore the myriad offerings of cloud-based simulation. The revolution has begun, and it’s time to embark on a journey where design possibilities know no bounds.

For a deeper dive into simulation and cloud computing, listen to the podcast for the full story, or visit our website.

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