August 2, 2018

Hover Cars (Finally)!

Machine Design’s Jeff Kerns has high hopes for the future of autonomous…
Avatar Nafisa Mazumdar
Source: Machine Design Twitter

Machine Design’s Jeff Kerns has high hopes for the future of autonomous flying drones, especially after attending Science in the Age of Experience this June. In Kerns’ article, he notes presentations during the event from Joby Aviation and Bell that explained how much hover cars would help to alleviate growing traffic. The article states,

“Cities in the U.S. already account for 82% of the country’s population. In New York City, the population of Manhattan almost doubles every day from commuters. If flying drones could run between points in and outside a congested city, it could reduce traffic on bottle necks.”

Kerns also pointed out our work in speeding up the process to bring  hover cars to market.The article highlights our recently-announced Reinvent the Sky solution, which is created specifically for developing light aircraft and drones and enables smaller companies in the aviation industry to reduce their prototyping time by as much as 50 percent.

Read the full article from Machine Design here: Hover Cars (Finally)!

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