October 22, 2021

Creating a brighter, greener, future with lighting-as-a-service

Through an innovative new business model, lighting company Deutsche Lichtmiete is determined…
Avatar Lindsay James

Through an innovative new business model, lighting company Deutsche Lichtmiete is determined to make sustainable LED solutions far more accessible for businesses.

Deutsche Lichtmiete‘s pioneering lighting-as-a-service offering enables companies of all sizes, and operating across any industry, to rent – rather than buy – bespoke, best-in-class lighting solutions.

“LED technology provides not only outstanding light, but is economical, environmentally sound and the most energy-efficient lighting on the market,” said Stella Dreya, R&D project manager at Deutsche Lichtmiete. “By removing the investment hurdle, we make it much easier for businesses to make the transition and profit from the conversion to LED. We’ve made the process so easy. We guarantee the functionality of our installation for the complete contract duration, so it offers complete peace of mind.”

But delivering the most innovative lighting solutions is no easy feat. Deutsche Lichtmiete’s customers are incredibly diverse in terms of their requirements – the company works with small shops who have four or five luminaires, for example, as well as some of the largest factories and production sites in Germany which may have thousands of luminaires. These bigger businesses often operate in heavy industries and under tough conditions. This means that the installation environment can be difficult, to say the least.

In order to solve its customers’ challenges in the most effective way, Deutsche Lichtmiete invested in an advanced technology platform that has enabled it to transform its product development process. Even if they are located in different regions, designers can now collaborate successfully, work more efficiently, reduce manufacturing errors and deliver products to market faster than ever before.

Read the full story here to find out how Deutsche Lichtmiete is using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to not only build better products, expedite decision making and respond faster to customers, but also to completely revolutionize the lighting market as we know it.

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