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How real-time collaboration drives the future of global automotive product development

Remote working can enable teams to deliver their best work, but only…
Avatar Jonathan Dutton

Remote working can enable teams to deliver their best work, but only when supported by the right digital platform

The way automotive companies work is changing in tandem with global disruptions that are sweeping the entire industry. Given the new requirements for physical distancing at the workplace, companies need to consider how physical premises may not always be a feasible option.

To adapt to these new realities, many companies have introduced remote working. A common challenge with the remote office lies in how well it can facilitate collaborative work, particularly for teams involved in vehicle development. There needs to be a central point where different teams can access the latest information and collaborate on innovative vehicles.

Does Remote Working Actually Work?

IWG’s Global Workspace Survey found that 45 percent of respondents were concerned about data security. Also, 37 percent found it an obstacle to ensure worker access to the right technology that enabled productive work. Though not specific to the automotive industry, these numbers offer a glimpse into the biggest concerns of remote working for employers and employees in general.

Still, the value of remote working’s flexibility can’t be denied: The same IWG survey reported that 85 percent of businesses increased productivity as a result of greater flexibility, while 65 percent of them say that workspace flexibility reduces their capital and operational expenditures help manage risk and consolidate their portfolio.

It’s All in the Setup

Setting up the right remote working infrastructure goes far beyond replicating the physical office environment. The remote office should not only allow continuity of operations for automotive companies; it must go a step further by empowering teams to improve vehicle development, innovation and output.

Imagine a virtual workplace that connects all the teams involved in vehicle development, whether they’re in Munich or Tokyo. External parties like suppliers and partners can get on board as well, accessing the same platform to provide input and view changes in real time.

Our 3DEXPERIENCE® platform enables this, providing a cloud-based secure environment for internal and external stakeholders to work concurrently on a single 3D model of the vehicle. Traceability is also ensured as all changes are visible to stakeholders.

And, instead of manually searching for parts or recreating existing components, teams can save time by relying on a catalog of standardized parts. Through our platform, it’s simple to access all related documentation, as well as compare and analyze components.

Thriving in the Virtual Workplace

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform supports automotive companies of all sizes in making the transition to remote vehicle development with ease and speed.

Lightyear, a company based in the Netherlands that develops long-range solar electric vehicles, is one of our many customers who have kept their momentum going on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

Working on an integrated digital platform has also greatly benefited another one of our customers, Canoo. This Californian startup chose our cloud-based platform to facilitate global collaboration in design and engineering to bring its game-changing ideas to the automotive market.

Our platform has also helped bridge the gap with OEM and supplier clients for Contechs, a UK automotive design and engineering services provider. It now handles all its product design and engineering processes on our platform to safely exchange data and access all the tools necessary for seamless collaboration.

The way forward is clear: Automotive companies need to turn to a remote working environment that is flexible, easily accessible and capable of offering real-time collaboration. And it can be achieved with the right technology in place.

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