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5 key takeaways from CES 2020

Our team is just back from CES 2020 . With more than 175,000…
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Our team is just back from CES 2020 . With more than 175,000 attendees, we had many inspiring conversations with those who stopped by our booth, and were also inspired by the buzz that came from what the other 4400 companies exhibiting at the show were talking about. Here are our five top takeaways from CES 2020.

Personalization remains a top priority for the consumer technology industry.

People worldwide want personalized products and services…but this impetus must compete with the unwillingness of most consumers to share data. During CES, we unveiled the results of a survey we did in conjunction with CITE Research. The biggest finding was that consumers (especially those in the younger generations) want personalized products, but they don’t want to wait for them and they want something in return for providing access to their data.. You can read more about the survey and its complete findings here.

The robotics industry continues to grow and expand its focus.

The rise of robots can raise “automation anxiety”: concerns about job loss or an AI-controlled world that displaces humans. CES 2020 demonstrated that there are many ways that robots are helping the planet, and allowing humans a better quality of life than ever before. A session track called Robots for Good explored the enormous potential for humans and machines to work together to innovate and solve large-scale problems. At 3DS, we have been studying the emergence of cobots: machines built to share the workplace with humans. We’re helping companies design cobots that change the way people work in factories by creating greater interaction between robots and humans, which can make employees more productive and safe. But critically, we also help manufacturers address the change cobots will bring to the work environment: helping guide them on how to engineer their workplace so the human is in charge, and the cobot is a tool being used to meet a task without overcomplicating or overtaking the employees’ work.

Electric vehicle innovations are soaring.

Electric cars have long been talked about, but CES proved that they are closer than ever to being more mainstream – and that startups are accelerating this transformation alongside traditional automotive companies. Canoo, for example, will be offering mobility services by 2021; this subscription-based concept will allow people to access electrics vehicles on a month-to-month basis via a phone app. Another startup, SparkCharge, offers a product to help promote EV adoption. There are people who want to go electric but have concerns about power. SparkCharge offers portable, ultrafast charging stations that can be delivered anytime, anywhere through an app request. You can discover more about both of these companies’ approaches in the video below, as well as other mobility news from companies including Toyota and Sony.

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