Marine & OffshoreMay 22, 2024

Smart Shipyard: Optimize Manufacturing Operations

Connect the dots to improve shipyard automatization and delivery rate. Discover the case study.
Avatar Armelle Chavanet

The shipbuilding industry is evolving as shipyards face the challenge of delivering high volumes of ships faster, while having to build more sophisticated vessels within cost and operational margin despite fluctuating material costs and outsourcing. To support the cadence, shipbuilders are looking for new processes and technologies to improve first-time-right for faster delivery while lowering production costs. By implementing the Smart Shipyard digital transformation, made possible within the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, shipbuilders can rely on an agile solution to support the industry in delivering on time and within budget.

This is what a major commercial shipyard achieved in order to extend its capacity to conquer a new competitive market. To do so, the company invested in a new shop floor and created a new dry dock relying on Smart Shipyard technology. This project aimed to improve shipyard efficiency through automatization and digitalization of the shop floor with zero paper plans. Today, most of the blocks of the ships are produced in a Smart Manufacturing Center that can continuously produce one block of 60 tons per shift. Each block moves from station to station with the same cycle time starting from one of the world’s biggest automated panel line.


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