Life Sciences & HealthcareJuly 27, 2020

Making Drug Delivery More Effective: On Demand Webinar

The Life Sciences industry is poised to undergo a rapid transformation as…
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The Life Sciences industry is poised to undergo a rapid transformation as regulatory agencies are considering the use of computer modeling and simulation results as evidence in submissions. Today’s advanced modeling and simulation capabilities offer the opportunity for drugs, medical devices, and other therapeutics to be tested, validated and moved to development sooner. Likewise, effective use of process data can be a major competitive advantage for a company, enabling better supply chain efficiency, regulatory compliance and speed to market.

In a newly available webinar, Making Drug Delivery More Effective, Dassault Systèmes explores the prospects for, and benefits of simulation in Life Sciences, and the future of population-based research and product development. We discuss how computer modeling and simulation provides significant value to the Pharma/Biotech segment, in which both manufacturing processes and medical devices are of critical importance for companies looking to accelerate innovation, including:

  • Manufacturing processes such as powder compaction, particle mixing, and clean room air flows.
  • Packaging simulations to optimize product integrity under environmental and handling conditions
  • Combination products and drug delivery devices and processes, which are becoming increasingly important for therapeutic efficacy and patient satisfaction.
  • Novel and emerging technologies such as virtual human modeling, multiscale modeling, machine learning, and uncertainty quantification, which are beginning to transform the overall patient experience and are expected to grow in the future.

Discover how modeling and simulation can evaluate powder compaction, particle mixing, and drug delivery devices to improve manufacturing, efficacy and patient satisfaction, for example. Digital systems that support and streamline the entire end-to-end pharmaceutical manufacturing process can lead to improved safety, lower costs, increased collaboration, and most importantly better health outcomes for patients.

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