Industrial EquipmentAugust 14, 2020

Innovative tire development with 3DEXPERIENCE

The automotive industry keeps generating disruptive innovations, creating constant and rapid change.…
Avatar Rebecca Lambert

The automotive industry keeps generating disruptive innovations, creating constant and rapid change. Advancements such as connected vehicles and electric cars affect the entire industry, from OEMs to suppliers, including tire manufacturers.

Japanese company Toyo Tire has big plans to bring its business into the future. They are committed to creating high quality, innovative tires to suit the needs of the changing industry, and to consistently reinforce the brand trust from their loyal customer base. Customers choose to buy from Toyo Tire because they value the products’ high specification features, performance and progressive design.

To support its business and innovation objectives, Toyo Tire built a new simulation process and data management (SPDM) system on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, making its product development more efficient than ever. This system, named T-MODE, allows for specific environments, scenarios and conditions to be simulated for tire design, improving product quality and ensuring safety standards.

Before using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, Toyo Tire’s data was held in silos, preventing users from easily accessing all the information they need. Now the company integrates all of its product development data in a single platform, so engineers and designers can access the same data, increasing productivity. Know-how and  knowledge can be shared across teams. Toyo Tire plans to add more data streams to the platform over time, not only to improve product quality, but also to drive efficiencies across its manufacturing process.

to find out more about Toyo Tires’ T-MODE system or watch the videos below.

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