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Shopping sustainably this holiday season

The holidays are just around the corner! Between planning time with family and friends, school breaks, and everything in between, holiday shopping can feel like a big undertaking. Wanting to spoil your loved ones with unique, thoughtful, and practical gifts? Well, there’s one angle you may be overlooking: sustainability.
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The holidays are just around the corner! Between planning time with family and friends, school breaks, and everything in between, holiday shopping can feel like a big undertaking. Wanting to spoil your loved ones with unique, thoughtful, and practical gifts? Well, there’s one angle you may be overlooking: sustainability.

More than ever, the people in your life are looking to enjoy products that use less plastic, reduce waste, and, overall, contribute to a healthier planet. At Dassault Systèmes we have created our solutions with this mission in mind. The 3DEXPERIENCE platform is utilized by innovators, engineers, and designers alike to create sustainable products your friends and family are sure to love this holiday season.

Curious as to which products you might run into during your holiday shopping? We’ve created this roundup of some great products designed with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. From sustainable furniture, unique toys for kids, and fashionable accessories, there’s an amazing product for everyone on your list. 

Italian toy designer Pasotti Designworks 

For Alessandro Pasotti, Designer and Founder of Pasotti Designworks, design and creativity are in his blood. First introduced to bi-dimensional CAD technology by his father in the late 1980s, Pasotti designed his first simple drawing at 8 years old.

3D model of a shopping cart toy created in the Imagine & Shape app

Today, designing toys is his passion and sustainability is at the forefront of every design he creates. With each design, Pasotti strives to use less plastic, reduce the weight and volume of toys so fewer materials are wasted. Further, he optimizes the designs to ensure the best materials are chosen and aligned with safety regulations. And he does it all on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. 

“With the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, everything has changed,” said Alessandro Pasotti, designer and founder of Pasotti Designworks. “I’ve defined a multi-directional workflow, which has enabled me to work using my own methods – I can manage my specification tree the way that I want and make real improvements to the way I operate. Because all of the apps are in the same platform, I don’t have to constantly import and export documents – and that’s been a real game-changer.”

With the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, Pasotti has been set up for success and continues to produce some of the most unique toys on the market. Designed for ages 3-6 years old, his designs are interpretations of real products – think kitchens, trolleys, shopping carts, and scooters – but scaled down so they are playable and safe for small hands.  

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Saint-Honoré Paris, maker of high-end display stands

While holiday shopping, you’re bound to see some elegant in-store display stands, and you may just stumble upon one created with the 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud platform. Many leading fashion houses work with Saint-Honoré Paris, a fashion accessory display manufacturer, to deliver unique, high-quality displays and mannequins. 

Metal display stands for accessories from the Aéronoré collection

Noticing a gap in the market and a lack of artistic approach to display stands, Geoffrey Delpy, CEO of Saint-Honoré Paris, created Saint-Honoré with the goal of creating display stands that are aesthetically pleasing and unique without taking away from the products it’s presenting. That’s why when it came to the exclusive Aéronoré collection, Saint-Honoré Paris was meticulous in finding a partner that could support a design process that involved creating a display made from solid sheets of curved and folded metal, unlike other display collections which are cut and welded together. 

“Aéronoré was originally just a sketch, and the challenge was to translate that sketch into a physical object that was feasible to produce,” Delpy said. “It’s not an easy collection to manufacture and it commands a higher production cost as each display is composed of angles, made from casts. It’s a totally different approach from what we’ve been used to. In addition to the cutting, we add the plates, and further to the welding, there is folding. To fold the corners, you need a mold. That’s where Dassault Systèmes’ software came in.”

Today, Saint-Honoré uses the 3DEXPERIENCE platform with CATIA xDesign, a 100% cloud application, to design all its displays and corresponding molds. From bag holders to shoe racks, and trays, design time has been greatly simplified due to the ease and accessibility of the platform. And their creative aspirations aren’t slowing down. Like Dassault Systèmes, Saint-Honoré takes its environmental responsibility seriously and has even taken it upon itself to develop an entire display collection out of recycled and recyclable metals. We can’t wait to see what’s next!

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Italian fashion accessories supplier AMF

Looking for fashion accessories that are high-quality, creative, and sustainable? Chances are you’ll come across a product from Italian fashion accessories supplier AMF, which has worked with the world’s most famous fashion brands to create high-quality metal and non-metal garment and leather goods accessories. They’re producing zippers and buckles and bangles and more through sustainable practices. 

How? By replacing the most polluting steps in the production process with eco-friendly alternatives and finding new ways to use natural resources. With their cutting-edge galvanic plant in Bassano del Grappa, Italy AMF has been able to reuse more than 97% of water in its closed-circuit system and purify the air leaving its pipes, so that the reused air is  actually even cleaner than the air coming in. Additionally, the whole production line is completely automated to keep people safe from potential hazards and harmful chemicals in the company’s lab.  

AMF’s environmental work doesn’t stop there though. They’re currently working on an environmental certification and pursuing traceability across every stage of the product lifecycle with the help of the 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud platform. 

“Our pillars are a moving target and we must continue to develop,” said Andrea Vittadini, COO of AMF. “We adopted the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to modernize the way we store and organize our data, empowering us to retain and reuse our knowledge and designs so that we can effectively modify products to make new ones. We also wanted to foster collaboration inside and outside of the company, adopting new ways to get closer to our clients and facilitate the creative process.”

Thanks to the platform, collaboration has been a huge advantage to the company which regularly works with multiple engineers and designers across projects. With all moving parts of the product lifecycle located in a single environment, AMF can speed up the creative process and share new ideas seamlessly amongst teams. With the right technology at their disposal and a team of amazing creatives, AMF is certainly leading the charge in the fashion and luxury accessories industry and inspiring others to work with sustainable practices in mind. 

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Spanish wine producer Familia Torres 

There’s no better time than the holidays for wine! With 151 years in the winemaking industry and a firm belief in social, environmental, and economic sustainability, you might want to grab a bottle from Spanish wine producer Familia Torres.

Torres exclusive products
Torres reduces its product packaging carbon footprint by minimizing weight and reducing the quantities of parts and materials used thanks to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

While remaining loyal to their roots and the vineyards they’ve relied on for years, Familia Torres’ approach is constructive and long-term. They combine their long-held traditions with innovation, knowing that product development is an important component of keeping a successful company running for years to come. 

Traditionally, Familia Torres had communicated  by email and physical paper documents. Not only was this approach not so great for the environment, but it made the information easy to miss and difficult to track. What they needed was a powerful platform on the cloud to transform the way they manage projects, documents, and the digital approval process of their packaging. Enter Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud platform. 

“We have been able to eliminate the physical circulation of documents that needed approval, such as financial documents, production feasibility reports, and product designs,” said Francesc Gómez Montenegro, chief operating officer  at Familia Torres. “All information is traceable and available to all people who are part of the approval circuit from any device, including their smartphone. It delivers efficiency and safety. For example, before we had the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, we needed to contact the project manager to obtain the latest version of a plan. But this was time-consuming for both parties. Now, we don’t lose any time.”

Not only is Familia Torres benefitting from a quicker approval process, but they’ve found the platform to be helpful in contributing to their sustainability goals as well. With the platform, they are able to gain insights that help them choose the best packaging for reducing their carbon footprint. A wine that’s both delicious and good for the earth? Let the holidays begin!

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